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Check Out Patara's Vegetable-Tanned and Eco-Friendly Footwear for Fall

California's Patara Shoes brings sustainable materials and eco-friendly production - we love them.

Californians are always looking for versatile footwear, and Patara has answered the call. The company was founded with the notion that one pair of shoes can do it all, and be light enough to slip into your backpack while going barefoot.

The nubuck Nomad is one of our favorites in the fall line, and we got the chance to check out the indigo slip-on model earlier this year, and they did not disappoint. Whether you are going to the beach, the local watering hole, or even work, these kicks have you covered.

With a unique combination of creative textiles, this minimalist travel shoe has allowed Patara to develop a fresh perspective on how footwear is manufactured and the materials used in its development. We are huge fans of the cork insole that will enable you to go sockless quite comfortably.

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All about that cork.

All about that cork.

Patara's eco-friendly stance and's progressive outlook allows it to create simple and stylish designs that are made using quality and sustainable materials like hemp, cork, organic cotton, recycled PET, and natural rubber.

Why aren't all shoe companies doing it like this? Check out their site and variety of styles HERE. 

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