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A Day Of Quarantine With Elderbrook

Elberbrook fills Magnetic in on quarantining in England, his new song with YTRAM, and more.


With everything going on with our world, it is reassuring to hear music from familiar faces and figures. Elderbrook, like many of us, has been quarantined for months now.

The musical genius who gifted us "Old Friend" & "Something About You" has been using his time productively. This pandemic has taken a toll on everyone in the industry. It is a drastic difference from what these artists had been accustomed to. During this pause of normality, he still manages to give the fans what they need. His trademark style and sound are what got the attention of international DJ Martin Garrix. Under Garrix's new alias, YTRAM and Elderbrook created a toasty track named "Fire" that has since taken over playlists and live streams.

"Martin is someone I have always been a fan of and during lockdown I saw him post a clip of my song 'Numb,' so I reached out to him to see if he wanted to work on something together," says Elderbrook. "It was at the height of lockdown and we had to work back and forth on the song over Zoom. We have still not met each other yet which is a crazy thought, but we do have a great song and cannot wait for everyone to hear this.” 

In addition to that song, he has released his new album Why Do We Shake In The Cold? that is more songwriter-driven than many of his bigger, anthemic collaborations with DJs. This album dives into the slower and gentler side of his productions. Vocals are a big element to his music, and this album does not disappoint one bit in that aspect. Catchy bass lines fill the album along with 70's synth-pop sounds that create this work of art. Tracks like "My House" and "Down By the Sky" accentuate the mood and aura for this album 100%.  You can stream the full album now and pick up a copy here.

In this edition of our quarantine series, we reunite with Elderbrook during the Corona Virus Pandemic of 2020.

1. Where are you quarantining right now? Is this your home or home away from home? What do you like most about it?

I’ve been quarantining in my house just outside of London kind of in the countryside. I’ve been lucky to be somewhere I love this whole time. I was meant to be touring all over the place but being at home I was able to focus on finishing my album and writing lots more music which I’ve enjoyed most about it 

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2. What type of food are you cooking and making? Are you ordering food? What is your favorite thing to eat?

I think like a lot of people I’ve started cooking more. I’m not overly adventurous in the kitchen though I’ve been able to perfect the humble hamburger. A classic and my favorite.

3. Are you with friends or family? Alone? Who are you bunkering down with?

I’m with my fiancé, Sophie. A lot of people have complained about spending so much time in quarantine with their partners but I couldn’t have imagined a better companion in all of this. 

4. Are you gaming? Are you exercising (if so how)? Are you listening to music or making it? What TV or movies are you watching? What does your day consist of in this new "world" we live in?

I play FIFA a lot but that’s the extent of my gaming prowess. Exercising daily with HIIT workouts in my studio and long walks. Definitely making more music than I’m listening to. I’ve watched all the movies now so I’m now exploring scary films which I’ve never really done much of ever. It’s mainly making music though that’s keeping me going. 

5. What songs or artists are you listening to right now? Can you share a track or musician you are jamming out to?

I’m listening to a lot of Sam Cooke at the moment. A great find was the acapella group he was in before he was just Sam Cooke. They’re called the soul stirrers and their harmonies and voices are hauntingly beautiful. 

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