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Interview: Kelly Lee Owens On Finding Her Inner Song

We chat with Kelly Lee Owens about Welsh pride, using music to heal and much more.
Kelly Lee Owens

Kelly Lee Owens

Kelly Lee Owens is a Welsh poetic singer and producer. But she wasn't always a music producer, but a health professional serving the community as a cancer auxiliary nurse. Her world was changed after a visit to London where she was asked to collaborate on Daniel Avery's 2013 album called Drone Logic. Her track "Arthur," caught the attention of the late British fashion designer, Alexander McQueen, who used it for his 2016 fall runway show in London. In 2017, she released her self-titled album, Kelly Lee Owens.

Her new album Inner Song released last week has a meditative, subtle but powerful effect that empowers the soul. It is feminine, yet masculine, interwoven together in a musical balance. 

In an interview with Magnetic, Kelly Lee Owens dives deep with Dee Sanae about her second album Inner Song. She discusses the craftwork behind some of my favorite tracks on the Inner Song. We go over tracks like "On," "Re-Wild," "Line," "Corner of My Sky," "Night," and "Wake Up." 

We talk about her work with Welsh producer, John Cale, about her Welsh roots and how Welshman and women turned their national anthem into an empowerment and pride for their heritage. 

Kelly talks about how Inner Song empowered her to accept that it's ok to be alone through an abysmal time in her life crippled with trauma and depression. As a health professional she healed herself through the production of this album. 

She goes into precision while explaining her vision and creation of this album that was done in an impressive month. Kelly Lee Owens discusses Beyonce's Black is King and marvels into the fellow Virgo's attention to detail.

Below Kelly Lee Owens gives us a little bonus with a shoutout to a few of her favorite women of color artists.  Check them out her recommendations are hot! Buy the album here:

1. Shygirl BB

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Author note:

As 2020 leaves us chatting virtually I connected with Kelly Lee Owens and expressed that I would be devoted to interviewing women and People of Color artists.

Initially, it was going to be written but the conversation was just too good not to share with everyone. The interview is pretty casual but super informative and fun. Please hit me up at IG @dee_sanae or Twitter if you know an amazing Woman of Color or black, and/or an indigenous person of color electronic music artist! 

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