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Luke Vibert Revives Wagon Christ Alias For New Album 'Recepticon'

This is the first material under the Wagon Christ alias in nearly a decade.
Wagon Christ Reception

Cover Art

UK producer Luke Vibert has revived his Wagon Christ alias for a new album Recepticon that will arrive next month.

Vibert has developed something of a cult followed over the past 25 years with numerous aliases like Wagon Christ, Amen Andrews, Kerrier District, Plug, Spac Hand Luke, Ace of Clubs, Luke Warm. Now he returns to Wagon Christ with a new album that will combine spoken word samples, funk riffs, hip-hop beats, breakbeats and more.

Recepticon will be released on color double vinyl, CD and digital formats via People of Rhythm Records. It will be released on October 24. Pre-order here.

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