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Opkix One HD Action Camera - An Impossibly Small, Waterproof Camera That Is a Whole Lot Of Fun

Meet the next evolution in action cameras, that will have you rethinking the way you create personal videos.
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So, you have a closet full of GoPros, Drones, and point and shoots, but you always still end up using your iPhone for videos? The Opkix is a set of cameras about to possibly change the way you make videos of your friends, family, and fans.

To start with, let's talk about what the Opkix is not, so you don't waste your time reading if you are looking for something more. For the incredibly small size of the camera, you are making some compromises, and for many prosumers or vloggers, this will be a deal-breaker.

- The camera does not have any way to control anything, it's locked into a 30 fps frame rate, auto white balance, shutter speed, etc. It's complete auto, which is excellent for ease of use, but it is a no go for most pros. White balance can be a big issue in bright sunlight or significant lighting changes, which can be very distracting. The only way you can keep this from happening is to keep your light source constant, which is possible but not ideal. So this camera is primarily for amateurs, hobbyists, or pros looking for a particular perspective.

- 1920 x 1080 HD video quality @30 fps, not 4k, again not a big deal for shooting your friend Larry doing his first beer bong (do they still do that?), but most professionals and even prosumers want 4k.

- 15 minutes of HD video per camera and you can only get footage off from putting the camera back into the egg and then transferring it to your phone wirelessly. This is fine for most people looking to record recreational activities (like Larry) but might prove limiting to pros unless they have multiple eggs. It also takes some time to extract your videos from the cameras to the phone and then to your computer, if you are editing the video on a desktop. A work around for this is to plug the Egg right into your computer and extract the video, if you are on a Mac you will need Android File Transfer to make it work. 


So if you are someone looking for a fun, waterproof, tiny video camera to take on vacations, parties (hey Larry), and other adventures, then read on - because you will love this little guy.

We took the Opkix for a quick test drive in Steamboat Springs, CO. The camera was used as a handheld, on the sunglasses mount and set stationary with varying results. The camera is soft on corners, and there are issues with light due to the AWB as previously mention - so here you can see it for yourself. The Mic is on in the first few segments so you can hear the sound quality (walk up hill, river) and sound off for helmet mount, due to a bunch of annoying wind noise.

Using the Opkix: This is about as brainless as a video camera can get, open the box, take out the egg/cameras, charge it up for about 45 mins and you are ready to hit it. You simply take one or both cameras out of the egg, push the little red record button, and off you go. The cameras are also waterproof, so super fun at the pool or beach, just make sure you use an accessory like the Opkix Ring mount, so you don't lose it.

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The core use of this camera, so it seems anyway, is to use it for the first-person point of view or FPV, so the viewer sees all the action from your line of sight. The best way to achieve this is by attaching it to the Opkix hat or glasses mounts to get that eye-level viewpoint, and true FPV feel. The camera itself has a magnetic mechanism that will stick the camera on to the mount, but it can easily be knocked off, so be careful of how jerky or rough you get with it.

If you are looking for more of a traditional video camera application, like just recording your friends and family, it will definitely work with that too. The best way to achieve this is via the ring, selfie stick, or necklace mount work best for those applications.

Starting and stopping the camera is simple, just push once to start, and you will see the light around the lens light up to let you know it's filming and push again to stop. The little O ring light also helps when it's a bit darker, but do not expect this camera to perform well in low light situations.

If you are a Vlogger/Pro content creator, there are creative uses for this camera despite its limitations. You can create great first-person demos and perspectives for specific content types, get unique angles because the camera is so small, etc. So it's not a hard no for pros, just be wary of the limitations before you shell out the cash.


Summary - This is a fun, and unique consumer camera, that is a blast to use and get some cool action shots. If you love to record your adventures and are looking for new ways to push the limits, this camera will be your new best friend and capture some fantastic memories. The fact that it's waterproof is another huge selling point, as it just allows you to do things you can't get with your phone. If you are a pro, worth a look despite limitations and if you are just a casual shooter, probably not for you, just stick to your phone and save your cash.

What comes in the box

  • Camera (one or two cameras depending on system you choose)
  • Universal Eyewear mount
  • Universal Hat mount
  • Four adhesive flat plates

Camera Specifications

  • Resolution _ 1920 x 1080 HD video quality @30 fps
  • Record Time _ 15 minutes continuous per camera
  • Per Camera Storage _ 4GB and 15 minutes of video
  • Egg Storage _ 16GB and up to 70 minutes of capture on one charge
  • Waterproof _ waterproof down to 30 ft (9m) IP-68
  • EIS _ Electronic Image Stabilization available in the app during editing
  • Housing _ aerospace aluminum
  • Lens Cover _ sapphire glass
  • Per Camera Weight _ 12 grams
  • Charge Time _ 45 minutes for full charge
  • Studio App _ ease of file transfer via Wifi / Bluetooth connection from the Smart Egg to the OPKIX app on your smartphone

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