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Spotlight: Get Your Music Heard By The Right Audience Using Playlist Blaster

Playlist Blaster is a marketing company giving artists exposure through Spotify playlists, YouTube ads, TikTok challenges and music blogs.
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Playlisting on streaming services has become a vital part of any release strategy. Not only is it a way that you can make money, but it also gets exposure to new fans, if done right. There are numerous agencies out there that connect artists with playlisters on various services, but one that serves dance artists to grow their careers is Playlist Blaster.

Playlist Blaster is genesis of Midnite Blaster - a marketing agency for DJs and producers - and Vicky Edwards, an independent music PR who worked on campaigns for artists such as Miley Cyrus and Chase Atlantic.

The goal of its team is to help independent and signed artists grow their music career by getting them exposure through Spotify playlists, YouTube ads, TikTok challenges and music blogs. When it comes to building traction for one’s music, as well as accumulating a loyal fanbase, strong presence on each of these platforms is vital. Playlist Blaster only works on personalized campaigns that are catered to each individual musician and their respective target audience, while they are focused on delivering not just numbers, but authentic results that will last.

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Operating for years mostly through their network they just launched a new brand and website to also help educate artists about the best way to market their music and help them not getting scammed by the dozens of websites promising visibility and delivering botted playlists and fake followers.

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