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Spotlight: Hosts Livestream Kick-off Party with Kill Paris - Score a Chance to Win a Private Virtual Performance connects fans and DJs through personalized sets that allow fans and DJs to see and hear each other, hanging out in real time.
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For musicians, quality over quantity is always the rule. Whether it is music releases or gigs, quality will always be more satisfying on a personal level and leave a stronger music legacy. This axiom also applies to fans. Having a stronger connection with a smaller group of fans is more powerful than having a large number of fans that are only slightly engaged. The connected fans are more likely to come to shows, buy merch, buy music and interact with you online. They are the ones who will stick with you throughout the arc of your career. That is why it is vital to finding ways to engage fans in new and meaningful ways. In a pandemic, it things have moved online, forcing artists to get creative, but a new company is here to help.

Founded in 2019, the company is bringing fans closer to artists. The platform was created as a way for artists to monetize virtually interconnected experiences. The company aims to give artists and fans a creative new way to engage through interactive virtual performances or meet & greets on a worldwide scale for the first time ever.

“Every artist has fans for whom their music reaches deep and has lasting effects at an existential level. We’re excited to provide a means for fans to experience intimate, authentic connections with the artists that have influenced them the most,” explains Ara Kevonian, CEO “Our platform also opens up an ancillary revenue stream so artists can continue making a living doing what they love while simultaneously allowing them to maximize the power of their brand."

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They have been hosting these experiences over the past month with DJs like Jayceeoh and iLL Gates. Coming up and what we are spotlighting is a meet and greet giveaway, plus DJ set with Kill Paris on Friday, September 25. Get more information on the event through the Facebook event.

These personalized sets allow the fans and DJs to see and hear each other, hanging out in real time. The set will happen at 9pm ET. If this is what you want to do on Friday (why wouldn’t you), enter the contest on their website.

In addition to Kill Paris this Friday, September 25, there will be the following:

9/30 Deepend - win a virtual performance
10/2 Super Future - win a meet & greet
10/8 Firebeatz - win a virtual performance
10/13 ill.GATES - win a meet & greet

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