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Today is National Voter Registration Day! Get On It - #VoteYourFuture

It's time to register to VOTE for the 2020 Election. Do It.
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Vote Your Future 2020

Today we officially start our campaign to urge our readers and fellow citizens to get out there and vote. We are teaming up with some of our favorite thought leaders, artists, DJs, and media to help spread the word along with some special giveaways and key information to help you vote. 

Since today is officially National Voter Registration Day we are kicking into gear with our friend Douglas Rushkoff, a former keynote speaker at WMC and well renowned Media Theorist, Speaker, Author and Documentarian. 

We will be offering special giveaways for readers that register to vote and if you would like to help share the message we will be making all promotional assets and videos available to share - more info coming soon, so stay tuned.

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Registering to vote is just the first step. Even if you think you are registered, check now -- it only takes a few moments and make sure everything is in order. The rich and powerful can influence the political process, but your vote in the end is the most powerful thing in the democratic process. Always remember that. Almost half of eligible Americans don't vote in Presidential elections, so please make sure you are registered and either vote by mail, vote early or get out there on November 3rd. 


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