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#VoteYourFuture - Help Spread the Word, Promote Your Right To Vote And Win Great Prizes From Our Partners

Join Douglas Rushkoff, Shepard Fairey, Louie Vega, Junior Sanchez, and many more in helping us promote your right to Vote! Let's do this. Download The Assets and share!
Vote Your Future 2020

Things are crazy right now, we are roughly a month out from the election, and we are encouraging our readers and all millennials/zoomers (yeah, you to Gen X) to get out there and VOTE. We don't need to tell you this, but there is a lot on the line from our environment to our healthcare to our society and our global standing. We have teamed up with some of our friends to spread the message to get out there and vote.

Below are a variety of resources and links to help you find out how to register, some useful resources for real news outlets, and a link to our asset pack to share the message with your friends and family on socials or your blog/media site. The collection includes social banners, videos from our partners, and banner ads. We will be updating assets regularly with more videos, memes, etc. So check back regularly.

We are also having a sweepstake to give away some fantastic prizes, including signed posters from Shepard Fairey, signed books from Douglas Rushkoff, signed albums from Louie Vega and Junior Sanchez, and much more - check back for contest details. 

#VoteYourFuture Asset Pack - Download social banners, display ads, and videos to share the message. 

Register to Vote Links:

Recommended Articles

Objective News Sources - Get your news, not your propaganda. This article from Forbes will help you get informed and 

Memes and Social Media are fun, but they are full of misinformation and shady tactics - Be mindful of how Social Media is influencing you, take a break if you need to and alwaysFact Check at 

Videos From Our Partners:

More to come...

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