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Kraak & Smaak, Horse Meat Disco, Jet Boot Jack and Adeline are all in the house this September, along with a host of fabulous artists representing the Disco/Funk scene! Crank it up and get ready to VOTE! #VOTEYOURFUTURE.

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1. Monsieur Van Pratt - Lose Your Mind

The pure love of classic Disco is evident in all of Monsieur Van Pratt's work, but the spirit is especially strong on "Lose Your Mind." Lord knows we are all on the brink of losing our minds in 2020, so why not take some of that negative energy and dance it out with this afro infused funk gem? Thanks to the good folks at Act of Sedition records, you can!

2. Horse Meat Disco - Message To The People feat. Amy Douglas and Dames Brown

Every person should be required to listen to the lyrics of this song once a day as a reminder of how to treat their fellow man. Horse Meat Disco is on the right side of history with this message and is delivered soulfully via the golden pipes of Amy Douglas and Dames Brown. Why not dance a little while spreading some love?

3. Pookie Knights - Sideboy

UK's Pookie Knights aren't short on attitude with "Sideboy," a lust letter to the boy she just can't get enough of. The lyrics are a throwback to a time when disco unlocked the key to people's sexual freedom and identity. Hot brass, slapping bass, and some truly fantastic vocals are going to fill you up too!

4. Peppermint Heaven - New York City Nights (Mark Lower Extended Mix)

Mark Lower has put his platinum Disco spin on Peppermint Heaven's track "New York City Nights" and made it something all his own and worthy of a spin at Studio 54! Lower is a new force to be reckoned with in the landscape of Disco producers and I think we will be seeing very big things from him in the future! Give him a follow on Instagram @mark.lower

5. Sunner Soul - Burning On The Dancefloor

Summer has already faded away for Sunner Soul, but you wouldn't know it by how hot "Burning On The Dancefloor" is! Another bass-heavy track (I think we have a theme this month), this track is slick, sexy, and ready to make you groove. You can find all of this funkiness on the Sunner Soul presents Sea Creatures EP.

6. Mark Brickman - Rise feat Venessa Jackson

Midnight Riot! Records are always loaded with quality disco, and September brought us Mark Brickman's "Rise," featuring the lovely vocals of Venessa Jackson. This is another great positive message track, encouraging the listener to rise above the negativity and hatred that is so prevalent in the world. Keep on rising people!

7. Jet Boot Jack - The Street

2020 isn't slowing Jet Boot Jack down at all! This time he's back with a soul-infused groove that will make you wish your grandparents had kept their clothes from the '70s just for you! This track has practically no lyrics, just "Down On The Street," but you are still transported to a much funkier time. Check it out on Dubplate Disco now.

8. Munky Fike - Salvador

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Munky Fike hasn't been around the chart lately, so "Salvador" is all the more welcome! The track really takes off at the 1:02 mark and it's all aboard from there. Horns, slap bass, and some very tropical sounding vocals make this track into a pure audio vacation. One ticket, please!

9. Jafunk & DiRTY RADiO - The Baddest (Kraak & Smaak Remix)

I like this song (see the April chart)! Kraak & Smaak have lightened up the funk angle and added a nice, breezy nu-disco feel to the track, which breaths new life into a song you might have forgotten about (shame on you). It's a pretty high honor to have this well-respected duo take on your track, which is a real statement about the quality of the original.

10. Alan Dixon - Edge Of Forever (Prins Thomas Diskomiks feat. Bugge Wesseltoft)

Prins Thomas is a master at creating a soundscape out of a song, whether it be his or someone else's. "Edge Of Forever" is no exception, and this time around he worked with zazz great Bugge Wesseltoft to create this masterpiece. The original is much more of an electro affair, but the expert touch of Thomas and Wesseltoft adds a gentle disco vibe that takes the track to another level.

11. Maddy O'Neal - Forgive Me feat. Mandy Groves (Sparkee Remix)

Let's welcome Canadian producer Sparkee to the September chart! In another example of a producer being able to add a completely different spin to a song, "Forgive Me" in his hands becomes pure nu-disco, vs. the soul/dubstep sound of the original. This treatment is very listenable and hopefully, we will hear more from Sparkee soon.

12. Smoove & Turrell - Do It (Ray Mang Instrumental Mix)

What happens when you add the genius touch of Ray Mang to a super funky jam by Smoove & Turrell? Well, it's a disco baby of course! What I love about the instrumental version of this mix are the instruments. You can really focus on the funk happening here. The bass lines are chewy and chunky but blend seamlessly with the spacey synths. This Smoove & Turrell album is the gift that keeps on giving!

13. KIKKO ESSE & Emanuele Del Carmine - Funky Tranky

"Funky Tranky" has its hook built around some seriously good, jazzy live bass and builds its house with bright horns and a little rhythm guitar to keep it going. Synth strings fill the remaining landscape. I can only provide the teaser track here, but you can find the whole track on Tropical Disco Records, Vol. 19 now!

14. Adeline - After Midnight (Kraak & Smaak Remix)

Adeline made a great soul record this year, which was a bit of a departure from the disco we are used to hearing from her. Not to forget those roots, Kraak & Smaak are back with a brilliant remix of "After Midnight," giving the original their signature flair. You might want to keep the shades closed when playing this one! 

15. Turbotito - Heart And Soul 

"Heart And Soul" has the vibe of a very slowed down "Disco Inferno," while still maintaining its own identity. Equal parts synth-pop and disco, the whole groove will hit you like a cool summer breeze. If you want to go on a mental journey to that sweet vacation in Greece, let this super chill track wash over you. 

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