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This has been a year so far, hasn't it? Certainly one we'll remember. If there's one thing to treasure, it's the music that has been made. Artists have been busy with more time in the studio, and the Indie Discotheque SoundCloud feed has been full of amazing music to listen through.

I didn't mean to leave you without the latest synth tunes this summer, so I'll make it up - I not only have the music of September for you, I also have tracks from July and August. Check out the complete summer 2020 playlist below.

We have a Spotify playlist, and you can also check out the rest of the synth charts here.

1. Sovate - In My Heart

I’ve been following Sovate for years, and he’s really hit a stride with his latest releases on Stratford Ct. "In My Heart" is his best work yet, with chill synth that has been draped over a steady beat and a funky groove.

2. Alex Metric & Amtrac - Upswing

The latest from Alex Metric and Amtrac is a surprise, not just the collaboration itself, but how reminiscent of Underworld this song is. The staccato arpeggiation, twinkle of overlaid textures, and vocal sampling give “Upswing” a timeless presence.

3. LA Priest - Beginning (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Remix)

I’m not quite sure how he did it, but there is such vibrancy on the bass synth of this remix by Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. I love the way the twangy guitar was integrated, and the vocals have impactful processing applied.

4. Hotel Pools & Krosia - Hideaway

I’ve been charting Hotel Pools a lot over the last couple of years. Recently there have been a number of collaborations with other artists. "Hideaway," with Krosia, is notable, and adds fresh perspective to the sound we expect with this project.

5. Limon Limon - Long Distance

A band that is also featured on this month's indie dance chart, "Long Distance" is an uptempo, synth filled song from Limon Limon that mentions a number of modes of transportation with catch phrases to describe the distance between two lovers.

6. Dryve - Synth on Fire feat. Hunz

“Synth on Fire” is a bit of a slow burner, but Dryve provides the hot, steady coals you need to keep the momentum going on the dance floor. The vocal performance from Hunz is passionate, albeit with a bit too much reverb at times.

7. Departure - Velocity

It takes velocity to make it into space, and that's where my mind goes when I am surrounded by the sounds of the latest single from Departure. The layering of sounds is masterful, with a twinkling of synth that takes us to the stars.

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8. Eagle Eyed Tiger - Hush

The latest from Eagle Eyed Tiger opens with a rich sounding synth melody you can whistle along to, but it's the guitar work in this track that really makes it shine. The synth provides atmosphere and harmonics that fill out the song and serve as lush bookends.

9. The Naked and Famous - Everybody Knows (Luxxly Remix)

Luxxly has created a winner with this remix, taking a track that is an indie dance anthem on its own, and transforming it into a synthpop masterpiece. The twinkle and glow that is captured in the synth work brings a new, uplifting light to the vocal performance.

10. Mint Julep - Some Feel Rain

Every time Mint Julep release a new track, I am there to listen. I am a bit surprised with how “Some Feel Rain” is mixed; it has unexpected distortion within its hybrid of alternative dance, shoegaze, and warm synth overlaid in a way that ties the track together.

11. Shook - Hotline

If you have been looking for fun, bouncy synth songs, look no further - Shook is here to fill that void. “Hotline” brings jazz influence into the mix in a way we don’t get very often in the synth world, and I’d love to see this one performed live someday.

12. Petticoat - The Middle

Petticoat doesn’t break any new ground with “The Middle,” but it’s a synthpop track that is well produced, has the right hooks, and provides a warmth in the layering and textures that are evident in the arrangement of the song. The cowbell is a bonus, too.

13. The Ivy - Missing Out (The Midnight Remix)

As controversial as some are trying to make the latest from The Midnight, you can’t deny they know exactly what they are doing, and remain one of the hottest synth acts on the scene right now. This remix of “Missing Out” from The Ivy only solidifies that stance.

14. Sinclaire - Let’s Fly to Rome

The direction that Australia’s Sinclaire is headed in is a bit of a surprise to me, as I have been so used to the deep, rich vocal performances from their 2019 release, Now I’m Ready to Start. In contrast, “Let’s Fly to Rome” introduces synth-heavy instrumentation and falsetto vocals.

15. Ani Glass - Ynys Araul (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark Remix)

This remix from Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark has completely flown under the radar, but I’m here to bring more attention to it. Welsh artist Ani Glass has a beautiful voice, and OMD’s remix stays true to the structure of the original, while adding additional depth and richness to the synth work.

You didn't forget that I also have music from the rest of summer for you, did you? Check it all out below:

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