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Ambient Meditations Premiere: Jim Wallis' Europa Pt. 1 (Max Cooper Remix)

Our second Ambient Meditations premiere features a remix by one of our favorite electronic music artists, Max Cooper.
Jim Wallis_Europa Reworked

Ambient Meditations Premiere - Jim Wallis' Europa Pt. 1 (Max Cooper Remix)

Our second Ambient Meditations Premiere is a Max Cooper remix of Jim Wallis "Europa Pt. 1." A twinkling drift into a massive crackling wall of sound that separates you from your body in a way that only Max Cooper can deliver. This premiere is the first from the remix project of Jim Wallis.

Wallis (Modern Nature / Still Corners / Bryde) – has announced this collection of reworks to be released on 11/20, featuring collaborations with Vanishing Twin, Max Cooper, Erland Cooper, Sofie Birch, William Doyle (East India Youth), and more.

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Transforming floating, ethereal guitar track "Europa I" into a dark and foreboding reworking, Max Cooper's perspective on the track places it in a different world altogether. Talking about his collaborative efforts with Wallis, Max Cooper said: "This Jim Wallis album is something special. The feeling and atmosphere grabbed me immediately and set a challenge of how to remix something without destroying the effect. With that in mind I stuck with the drum-less format and spent a lot of time in free expression mode, playing with synths and distortion pedal combos accompanied by Jim's strings and texture which I had re-arranged into a longer format to give time for my electronics to grow. That was the key idea in the end, just to let the feelings grow naturally around what was there, into what turned out a full body consumption. I recommend listening with a good sub-bass response if you can, there's some sub frequency interaction later on which creates an unusual torso massage. Or if you ever come to see me play sometime in future when things get going again, ask me to play it for you and I'll show you what I mean. Big thanks to Jim and Tip Top for letting me have a play with this beautiful music."

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