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Ambient Meditations Vol 22 - The Lost Art of The Mixtape

This week we have put together a good old fashioned mix tape, one that tells a story and features rare cuts, unreleased material and some insanely good cover songs - all chillout.

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Remember when you used to make mix tapes for people? Maybe you made mix cds, but the point is you put together a collection of tracks that told a story and often shared how you felt about someone. Well, that's what episode 22 is all about, a sweet dedication to a lost art that hopefully makes a comeback, because playlists just are the same. This one is dedicated to my wife Laura, so find someone you care about and put together a mix for them, think about every track, take your time and I guarantee it will make their day. During these terrible times, it's sometimes good to let music take you out of the daily ticker tape that is our news cycle. So do it! Dig out those tracks you had forgotten about, maybe songs from when you first met, you are the DJ. This mix features cover songs, rare and unreleased stuff and some incredible piano works. It's chillout, neo-classical, cinematic and some classic downtempo. It might even make you tear up a little bit. Enjoy. 

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