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Atmosphere Release New Album 'The Day Before Halloween' With Strange Film

Atmosphere release their eerie new album fit for the holiday.


Atmosphere have released a new album The Day Before Halloween that comes, yes on the day before Halloween. To push the release even further, Atmosphere have released a 40 minute movie for the album, directed by Jason Goldwatch.

The movie splices together various found clips from around the web and other sources for each track and in between, it plays out with the visuals like an early 1990’s first person video game. You seemingly you run a grocery store and get packages with video clips meant for other people, which turn into the songs on the album. It is innovative, odd and hard to look away from.

The album itself feels at home in the visual era of the movie, but maybe a little earlier, washed out in spooky 80’s synths. It is like a video arcade in the 1980’s, with a haunting soundtrack that isn’t afraid to tackle the tough issues of broken relationships, mental health and suicide.

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It is a short album at just 28 minutes long, but he has a lot to say in that time, expanding on that with the Easter eggs in the film. It is haunting and potent and his long time fans will enjoy the harder tracks like “Blotter Acid Reflux Syndrome.” If you want the continuous music experience, listen to the album on streaming services or buy it. The film adds another strange visual component that fits with the weekend and the title. 

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