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Autechre Releases Surprise New Album 'PLUS,' Following 'SIGN' Earlier This Month

Autechre released 'SIGN' just two weeks ago, but they are back with another album.
Autechre Plus

Well this is a surprising way to start a Wednesday. Autechre have released another new album this month. Not to be outdone by their big official release two weeks ago SIGN, they have unveiled another new LP PLUS, that by the looks of the cover and the title, could be bonus and extra tracks from SIGN. It isn’t available to stream anywhere in full, but fans can download and buy it on Bleep via Warp Records.

So if you wanted more Autechre and SIGN wasn’t enough, grab the nine-track album now. Vinyl and CD editions are out November 20, while the digital download is available now.

PLUS Tracklist:

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