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Bang & Olufsen Refurbishing & Re-Releasing Iconic 1970s Beogram 4000c Turntable

The 1970's turntable is getting a limited rerun.
Bang & Olufsen Beogram 4000c Turntable

Bang & Olufsen Beogram 4000c Turntable

Bang & Olufsen are releasing a limited number of their original iconic turntable, the Beogram 4000c.

They are releasing only 95 of them for now to celebrate 95 years as a company.

The 4000c was originally launched in the 1970s and came to embody the aesthetic of the era, collected for museums and in design books. It is now being restored and built in the facility it was originally produced.

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They will have company engineers restore the turntables by hand to make sure they can be re-released. It will happen in three steps: disassembly and inspection to make sure everything works. Step 2, refurbishment and restoration, and then step 3, recreation and upgrade to bring it up to 2020 tech standards.

It will only be available in Europe at the moment starting in November. Find out more information on their website. It will cost you a lot: £9,000 GBP (approximately $11,500 USD) according to Hypebeast.

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