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Binocular Company Nocs Launches Land and Sea Collection

The collection comes with binoculars, a strap and photo rig.
Nocs Binocular Land and Sea Collection

The collection

Binocular company Nocs has launched their Land and Sea collection. The collection features compact, durable and water-and fog proof binoculars in 8 different colors. 

The Nocs 8x25 Standard Issue binoculars arrive in five new colors: Marigold Yellow, Cobalt Blue, Poppy Orange, Granite Gray and Sea Foam Green, as well as the original Nocs colors: Cypress, Flat Earth, and Squid Ink.

Nocs Binocular Land and Sea Collection
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The collection also arrives with new Tapestry Straps, which come with four woven colorways and a lifetime warranty at $30.

They are also offering a new Photo Rig Smartphone Adapter, made for capturing photography through your binoculars. The Photo Rig is rugged and durable with an aluminum frame, spring loaded phone clamp, and easily fits in a pocket. It will cost $30 as well.

Nocs packaging is plastic free, made from post-consumer recycled products and printed with soy ink.

The collection is available on their website. The binoculars cost $90. 

Nocs Binocular Land and Sea Collection Lifestyle Boat

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