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Brighton Duo PELA Return with Textured, Organic Gem "Rolloverme"

Pela deliver a lush, nuanced piece of soulful electronica.


Fans of Bonobo & Maribou State rejoice as Brighton duo PELA have shared one of the smoothest pieces of melodic house this year. The incredibly talented production duo of Hannah Coombes and Olly Shelton, have managed to create a track with a lush summer energy, yet keep a hazy, chillout sensibility.

Building from lo-fi, distorted chord patterns the track soon introduces a wonderfully simple 4X4 drum pattern created with lush organic percussion. It’s a trademark sound that is beginning to win PELA fans and critical appreciation worldwide. As the track develops we hear both Hannah and Olly’s vocal samples introduced before the track heads into an entirely new direction in the second half. It’s an impressive outing from the rising producers, who state:

“'Rolloverme' has been sitting on our hard drive for months and we reconnected with it during lockdown,” explains PELA. “Like our last single, it’s an exploration of a more electronic sound that’s now weaved its way into the PELA world. It began as an ambient 2 chord progression (after we went through a stage of listening to some verrry chilled stuff), that we built up to create these mountainous textures… then it only felt right to add a beat and vocals to it.” 

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Listen to "Rolloverme" below


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