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Essential Gear For Your Urban Cycling Commute

COVID got you freaked out about taking the subway or the bus? Maybe it's time to take your bike to work? Here's some gear to go along for the ride.
Fall is in the air, time to hop on that bike and ride to work, school, or wherever! 

Fall is in the air, time to hop on that bike and ride to work, school, or wherever! 

So it's fall, and it's still really really COVID-19 crazy out there, especially in cities like New York, LA, SF, etc. So if you still have a job, and a car is not your best option, and public transport is far too contagious, maybe it's time to dust off your bike or even get an ebike. We put together this quick little guide of some clutch gear for your urban commute. We would feature some stuff from the Levi's Commuter collection, but that seems to have been canceled - much to our dismay. Anyway, here are some suggestions to enhance your two-wheeled commute, and even though we don't list one, wear a helmet when you ride in traffic. Duh.

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DZR Midtop Clipless Bike Shoes (mustard) - $149.00

So as you probably know, if you ride bikes regularly, your average sneakers are far from outstanding when making a longer ride/commute. DZR has a wide array of biking shoes with a variable flex shank (stiff enough to peddle efficiently and still let you walk like a standard biped), excellent traction, lace catch, and even a reflective heel badge to keep you visible. This Midtop model even allows you to install cleats for your clip-on pedals to give you that extra hustle if you are hardcore like that. It even comes in in Timberboot mustard, a nice nod to 90s hip hop steez. Check out the line; there are tons of styles and colors. We rode these with clips and without, and they perform great either way.

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Old Man Mountain Classic Sherpa Frame + Fit Kit = Complete Rack - $160.00+

So riding around with all your stuff on your back or in a messenger is cool and all, but it does get old real quick, especially when you are commuting every day. So get a rack, why don't ya? Old Man Mountain makes some of the best racks out there in a ton of different configurations for your road, mountain, or fixie (you're so cool). The sherpa rack (which is the one we tested) can be mounted on the front or back, carry up to 70 lbs, and is built for some serious abuse. So dig into their Fit Kit Finder, size it up and get yourself a rack - you won't regret it.

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The Chrome Barrage Pannier - $180

Chrome is one of our favorite brands, and they make a lot of great bags for cycling and everyday hustle, but the Barrage is one of the best offerings for the daily urban commuter. It has ample space for your gear, from your computer to your extra clothes, and even a cargo net to slide your helmet into once you arrive at your destination. It's also 100% waterproof, so if you get caught out in the rain, you can feel confident your stuff will be protected. It has a locking three-point system to fit most racks and features a handle/shoulder strap for easy transformation into your day bag. Check their site for incredible apparel, accessories, and more bags.

  • Durable 100% welded waterproof pannier
  • Handle & shoulder strap included
  • Expandable cargo net for helmet, shoes, etc.
  • Locking three-point system fits most bike racks
  • Welded waterproof liner with durable nylon shell
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The ABUS UGRIP big folding lock

If you have an ebike, then chances are you know that your cargo capacity is somewhat limited when it comes to ulocks, water bottle cages, etc. You also understand that your bike is a target for thieves.

I have ridden my Ride 1Up 500 series ebike for just over a year now and have been having to always ride with a backpack to carry my uLock, which is not great. The solution has finally arrived, meet the ABUS 5700 Big folding lock, which mounts via plastic straps (see above) or via screws to water bottle cage mounts.

The lock uses keys and can be deployed quickly by unlatching it from the carrying mount and opening it up for action. No key is needed to lock it, only to unlock it - so you can get to the craft brewery faster dude/dudette! They call this CTM or Convenient Transport Mode; we call it GBF mode or Get Beer Faster.

So if you have an ebike or a heavier fat bike or cruiser, this is a great solution that will secure your ride from bike thieves and keep the weight of a uLock off your back. It's easy to mount, easy to deploy, and perfectly fits the frame with its stealthy slim styling.

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