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Magnetic Mix 124: JL Segel

Escape for a little while with this ambient, chillout mix from London art-school-graduate-turned-composer JL Segel.
JL Segal

JL Segel

London-based producer JL Segel, real name Rotem Haguel, is next up in our Magnetic Mix series with a mix that will hopefully calm your nerves in a world spiraling out of control with a week until election time. An art-school-graduate-turned-composer, he marries ambient and experimental dance music, often within the framework of modular synth production. His new EP SKIN captures that with slow building tracks that evolve around melodies that feel like a cheery 80’s sci-fi novel with an experimental edge to them. The songs are alive and transform from one to the next.

With the new EP out now, Segel made us a new mix that takes a bit of a slower and more subdued tone. Titled “Music To Close Your Eyes To,” this mix is just that – a way to escape everything for a little bit (but make sure you vote).

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"’Music to Close Your Eyes to’ is a collection of sounds for looking inwards,” explains Haguel. “Exploring a liminal place between consciousness and dream-state.”


00:00 Stubbleman - 4AM Conversation
05:20 Green-House - Parlor Palm
09:20 Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - Remembering (Green-House Remix)
13:45 Joseph Shabason - Forest Run
18:00 Genevieve Dawson - Swallowed the Stars
21:36 Abul Mogard - Upon The Smallish Circulation
31:12 Mike Ratledge - Sequence 4
37:54 Ramases - Molecular Delusion
40:08 Kara Lis Coverdale - Moments in Love
47:28 Yves Tumor - Limerence
52:56 Ian William Craig - Weight
58:08 K. Leimer - Lament to the Open Air

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