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Massive Attack Release Short Film On Tackling Climate Change By Decarbonizing Live Shows

Putting on shows sustainably needs to be a priority.
massive attack press photo 2015

massive attack press photo 2015

Massive Attack has released a short film on the push to decarbonize the music industry. Touring and putting on shows is a dirty business, from gas, to power for lights and concert venues, plus airplanes, hotels, food, trash at venues and much more – concerts emit a lot of carbon and waste. Massive Attack have been trying to cut down on their own carbon emissions, not just with their words, but actually with their actions to fight climate change.

The band teamed up in 2019 with Tyndall Center for Climate Research to report on the impact of live music on the environment. They planned a show in Liverpool this October, partnering with the city, Tyndall, Ecotricity, The Good Business Festival and others to execute on those recommendations.

The show was cancelled due to the pandemic, so they made this film to get the message out to the world.

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"As a touring band," Massive Attack's Robert Del Naja says in the film, "we've always been aware the damage our industry and its behavior does to the environment."

They note that during this shutdown, it is the perfect time to reassess how the industry is damaging the environment and how it can decarbonize when we all can get together again. The three main sources of carbon emissions come from power, travel and food, so those should be a focus. Currently, many shows are being done with cars, which are high carbon emitters, so one must hope that those don’t become standard after this, but instead are just there to keep promoters and artists afloat until regular shows return.

Watch the full video below. 

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