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Musical Meals: Joyce Muniz Pairs Playlist & Crunchy Salmon With Fresh Veggies

Eat healthy and listen to great music in the process with Joyce Muniz.
Joyce Muniz

Joyce Muniz

Brazilian-born DJ and producer Joyce Muniz is next up in our Musical Meals series, which we kicked off with Kevin Knapp a while back. This is a series where we have DJs pair music with food as they chef up a home cooked meal and provide a playlist to help amplify the cooking and eating experience. In this new segment, Muniz, cooks up something healthy, which you can eat to offset all of the stress fats, sugars and booze you are likely consuming right now. It is some incredible looking crunchy salmon with fresh veggies for two, if you have someone special you want to cook for, or with.

Joyce Muniz is an accomplished DJ and producer, releasing music on labels like Poker Flat, Exploited, and Pets Recordings, plus a recent single on Desert Hearts. She also just remixed Lucie & The Robot “Beyond Now,” which you can hear below.

So check out the recipe below, grab some ingredients and get cooking.

Joyce Muniz Salmon & Veggies Food

Final product, let's see how it is made


1. Rockers Hifi - Look For a Spark
2. OOFT! - Love & Soulsaving
3. Guts - Brand New Revolution
4. Rosemary Martins - Love To Love You Baby
5. Trio Ternura - A Gira
6. 4th Sign - The Movement
7. Marcus Marr - Peacemaker
8. Moomin - Loop No 1
9. Putsch - Doin it (Major Swellings Full Trommis Miks)
10. Hunee - Rare Happiness
11. Move D, Le Rubrique - Bossa #1 The Late Night Dance remix
12. Crazy Penis – There’s a Better Place

Crunchy Salmon With Fresh Veggies (2x Persons):


Joyce Muniz Veggies Food

Food is ready to  be prepared

Crunchy Mix:

- Parmeggiano
- Breadcrumbs
- Garlic
- Lemon Zest
- Olive Oil
- Cream Cheese
- 2 X Salmon Filet

Joyce Muniz Salmon & Veggies Food Crunchy

Getting crunchy


- Broccoli
- Yellow Paprika
- Cherry Tomatoes
- Fresh Herbes / Parsley
- Salt/Pepper
- Olive Oil

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Joyce Muniz Veggies Food

Cutting Veggies

Joyce Muniz Salmon & Veggies Food

Seasoning Veggies


1. Pre-heat the oven to 180 C / 356 F

2. Cut the broccoli and cool it for 5 min. In pre salted water. Sieve the broccoli and let it chill

3. Cut the paprika into thin slices. The tomatoes do not have to be cut.

4. Crunchy salmon topping:

You will need a bowl, which you will mix the grated parmeggiano, pressed garlic, lemon zest, cream cheese, olive oil and breadcrumbs.

5. Coat the meat side both salmon filets with the crunchy mix, about 2 centimeters

6. Now you put the filets and prepared veggies all together on a baking tin (Don’t forget the baking paper)

7. Season the veggies with salt/pepper and olive oil.

8. Put it in the oven for 25 - 30 min.

Joyce Muniz Salmon & Veggies Food Oven

Putting in oven

9. Take it out and add the fresh parsley all over the plate, it’s tasty and looks good. The flower its not only for decoration, you can actually eat it. It call nasturtium and it’s very healthy.

10. Enjoy your Crunchy salmon! 

Joyce Muniz Salmon & Veggies Food


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