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My Toolbox: CRi

We find out what Quebecois artist CRi has in his studio with his debut album 'Juvenile' out now on Anjunadeep.
CRi Studio Synths


French-Canadian act CRi released his debut album Juvenile this past Friday, October 16 via Anjunadeep. The album has all of the hallmarks of an Anjunadeep record with shimmering melodies, gorgeous and soft vocals and drums that help carry these deep melodic house tracks from start to finish. There is a bit of sonic diversity with some summery indie-pop like “Rainfall” alongside Robert Robert. It all sounds quite warm and full and that isn’t an accident.

CRi has become a major gear head over the years since he dropped out of school to pursue music, working as a pizza delivery driver on the side to make some money. We wanted to get some more information on the gear he uses to make his music and he shared that in a My Toolbox feature. Since he is French Canadian, we have it for you in English and French for all of our French readers around the world. There are plenty of synths in this collection.

CRi Studio Synths


Purchase the album in digital or physical formats here.

1. Roland Juno 106

The Juno 106 is my favorite synthesizer. It’s featured on all songs. Whether it's for pads, bass or leads, this synth is really powerful and versatile, it’s also super easy to use. I also really like the tone of the chorus. The only disadvantage is its fragility; you really have to be careful not to move it too much.

CRi Roland Juno 106

Juno 106

Le Juno 106 est mon synthétiseur préféré, je l’utilise sur toutes mes chansons. Autant pour faire des pads, des bass que des leads, ce synth est vraiment puissant et versatile, même s’il est super simple à utiliser. J’aime aussi beaucoup le tone du chorus. Le seul désavantage est sa fragilité, il faut vraiment y faire attention et ne pas trop le déplacer.

2. Moog SUB37

I love this synthesizer, it's a beast, the oscillators are particularly powerful and the filter is very precise. It's a tank, super solid and I really like the "complexity" of this synth. One of my favorite features is the Duo Mode, you can simulate some chords and the multidrive gives an incredible character to the sound.

Moog Sub37

Moog Sub37

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J’adore ce synthétiseur, c’est une bête, les oscillateurs sont particulièrement puissant et le filtre est tellement précis. Évidemment, c’est un tank, il est hyper solide et j’aime vraiment la “complexité” de ce synth. Un de mes features favori est le Duo Mode, on peut faire des simili chords et le multidrive donne un caractère au son assez incroyable.

3. Moogerfooger MF-108m Cluster FX

You could say it’s the "unloved" of Moog pedals, people usually swear by the MF-104 Analog Delay and it’s understandable. But this pedal is really special, it gives life to the sound in a very singular way, I love to combine it with the Juno.

CRi Moogerfooger MF-108m Cluster FX

Moogerfooger MF-108m Cluster FX

C’est un peu la “mal-aimé” des pédales Moog, généralement les gens ne jurent que par la MF-104 Delay et avec raison. Mais cette pédale est vraiment spéciale, elle donne de la vie au son d’une manière très singulière, j’adore la combiner avec le Juno.

4. Roland JP 8000

I use this synth when I need a touch of trance sound or a very 2000's vibe. The wave form "supersaw" gives a really huge aspect to the sound. It's an easy instrument to modulate. Perfect to have huge bass, intoxicating pads or very powerful arpeggios.

CRi Roland JP 8000 On the right

Roland JP 8000 on the right

J’utilise beaucoup ce synthé quand j’ai besoin de son un peu “trance” ou du moins très 2000’s. La wave form “supersaw” donnent une aspect vraiment immense au son. C’est un instrument facile à moduler. Parfait pour avoir des immenses basses, des pads enivrant ou des arpèges très puissant.

5. Prophet 08

This is my first polyphonic synthesizer, I particularly like it. The function pan Spread on this synth is super effective. I love the fact that there are 5 LFO's that you can assign to almost any parameter of the synth. It's a very versatile machine and I use it especially for making my pads.

C’est mon premier synthétiseur polyphonique, je l’affectionne particulièrement. La fonction pan Spread sur ce synth est super efficace. J’adore le fait qu’il y a 5 LFO’s que l’On peut assigner à presque n’importe quels paramètres du synth. C’est une machine très polyvalente et je l’utilise spécialement pour faire mes pads. 

CRi Studio Computer

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