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Omar S Launches 8-Bit Game & Virtual Exhibit About Life & Career In Detroit

There will also be some in-person events over the next few months in Detroit with Omar S.
Omar S outside of the Conant Gardens Party Store, home of FXHE Records Detroit.

Omar S outside of the Conant Gardens Party Store, home of FXHE Records Detroit.

Omar S has launched an interactive virtual arts exhibit titled Omar S: Conant Gardens Party Store with Red Bull Arts. The virtual exhibit will showcase his life growing up in Detroit in a 8-bit arcade game format. You will be able to click around and see highlights of his life and career. It is centered on the “party store” aka a convenience store or a corner store or Bodega that his family owned since the 1950s. There will also be a game you can play titled Record Packer about running a successful indie record label, set inside FXHE Records. The game features an original score by Omar S, which will be released as a limited-edition 7-inch vinyl.


The store housed classic arcade games and pinball machines, some of which Omar S still owns. This led to his interest in gaming and music, notably collecting drum machines, synths and more. The space now serves as the headquarters for his imprint, FXHE Records Detroit.

Conant Gardens Party Store Interior Omar S

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In addition to the virtual exhibit, there will be real life things people can go to in Detroit. There will be a physical replica of the party store at Red Bull Arts Detroit, plus various other events starting tonight.

Record Packer Omar S Game

Record Packer

There will be a rare, two hour live streamed set tonight on the project website starting at 6pm, but replaying at 10pm. There will also be a pop up store with merch this Saturday at the Red Bull Arts Detroit store from 3-6pm EDT. That will occur again on November 14 and December 19 at the same time. A drive in screening of Brewster’s Millions, with a live set will occur at the Ford Drive In Theater on November 15 at 7:30 pm.

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