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Premiere: Jakebob - Heavy Punishment (Smokers LP)

These articles will focus on specific EP premieres/reviews for certain artists/labels within the 140 scene and beyond. This one features the artist known as Jakebob with his track "Heavy Punishment" forthcoming via Chameleon Audio.


Jakebob is a great example of how a young grime producer / emcee can make a name for himself outside of the London circuit. His work rate is impressive and he always seems to be pushing his sound in a positive way. He has an array of collaborations with a hugely eclectic list of underground artists including Spooky, Scrivs, Rakjay, and many more. His next album Smokers LP drops on Chameleon Audio, of which he is a key part of their collective. We bring you a premiere of the track "Heavy Punishment," which was our pick from the project.

Premiere: Jakebob - Heavy Punishment

Really feeling this production from Jakebob. It's an overly dark instrumental, perfect for an emcee, plus the intro gives a little nod to the up-north Scousers with its vocal sample, which I rate highly. The track incorporates all types of eerie sounds, but its all centered around a very dark, almost synth-like horn which hits you hard when it drops. I also love the rolling hats he's used at different parts during the song to either slow down or speed up the feel of the track. Great tune from Jakebob, make sure to check the entire album which drops Friday, October 9. Pre order link is here.

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