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Premiere: Justice - Stress (Selective Response Crisis Mix)

Justice meets west coast rave music
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Justice - Stress (Selective Response Crisis Mix)

Justice - Stress (Selective Response Crisis Mix)

Today, Magnetic brings you an exclusive premiere from rising techno talent Selective Response. The Crisis Of Man boss and California-native has taken on the task of creating his own version of legendary French-duo Justice's seminal record, "Stress." Where the original is a cinematic electro-rock anthem, Selective adds his signature west coast rave sound and takes it straight to the underground. 

Combining elements of different versions of the original, Selective almost completely rewrote the track, adding tougher, punchier drums, sharp percussion, and an urgent and sinister bassline. Energy builds right from the get-go, reaching critical levels in the breakdown, then comes crashing down like lighting hitting a freight train crashing into a building. The edit is available now, free to download. 

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