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Premiere: Power Glove - Feel It [Netflix]

The theme music to Netflix's High Score is here.
Power Glove

Netflix is releasing the full title theme track for their show High Score about the early days of video games. The title sequence named “Feel It” has become a hit online, despite only 42 seconds of the track being available. Now we are happy to premiere the track from Power Glove in full today before it is released tomorrow, October 16.

The song was made by Australian synthwave duo Jarome and Joel Harmsworth, who don the pseudonyms Michael Biehn and Michael Dudikoff under the stage name Power Glove (yes it is somewhat confusing). The fit between them and this show couldn’t have been better since they took their name from the early 1989 Nintendo accessory Power Glove and that era of games is covered in the TV show. Power Glove also scored Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

The track “Feel It” takes you back to the 1980’s with a chugging bassline and a thumping kick that mesh together under soaring synths, flickering fx and some keytar for good measure. Fans will recognize the parts from the opening theme a short way into the track, but getting the full song paints a more complete picture. This song is a rush and a jolt of excitement into your system in the best possible way.

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Power Glove explain the feeling that they were trying to capture with "Feel It." “We loved the idea of capturing the feeling of walking into an arcade, the sounds and excitement... and the potential of beating your high score.”

“Feel It” will be released tomorrow, October 16. Until then, listen below. 

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