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Premiere: Vincenzo Ramaglia - La parole 2 (Venetian Snares Remix)

The Canadian experimental producer Venetian Snares adds some frenetic drums to this haunting remix.
Venetian Squares

Venetian Snares

Canadian experimental producer Aaron Funk, better known as Venetian Snares, has developed in the mold of artists with erratic rhythms, furious drum patterns and unconventional time signatures. Over the past two-plus decades, his music has frequently appeared on Planet Mu with some great titles like My Love Is A Bulldozer, Winnipeg Is A Frozen Shithole (he said it not me) and Songs About My Cats (he has some great cats). Now he is remixing “La parole 2” from Roman composer and electronic musician Vincenzo Ramaglia into something a bit different from the original.

Venetian Snares takes Ramaglia’s track and turns it into a haunting and foreboding tune that fits with the season. The choral chanting slowly build along side quirky blurts and bleeps before drums start to make their way into the track. The haunting atmosphere builds even more before the true onslaught of drums are unleashed and the full weight of what Venetian Snares does with his music is felt. Gritty low end is added alongside some laser synths and a barrage of other fx.

“Sometimes, when tasked with doing a remix, one of two things happens. Either the material is not inspiring and I will just say no, or alternatively agree and just process it all until it's unrecognizable and go from there. In the case of La Parole 2, neither applies,” Venetian Snares explains. “The music spoke to me and I felt immediately I had a response. I wanted to interface. I wanted to start a family with this music, grow vegetables and groom a herd of horses together. Lay under the stars, laughing and crying until the sun comes up.”

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The remix will be released this Friday, October 16 via PEM Records. Pre-order it here.

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