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Spotlight: Is Medical Cannabis Changing People’s Minds About Marijuana?

Are attitudes changing around the world?
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Years ago consuming marijuana was something meant to be kept private, within your close circle of friends, the subject has since become less taboo.

However, we still find nowadays a few people who are infinitely crossed against marijuana consumption, people who normally have little or no knowledge on the subject but who chose to close themselves to it perhaps due to what they might have heard somewhere on the streets or on tv. No matter how hard one may try to talk to these people, sometimes there seems to be no way of getting them to listen. But if you choose your words right one day magic just might happen.

Ever since cannabis began getting legalized in several countries around the globe, for both the medical and/or recreational use, once the "il" in il-legal was gone, a big part of these people who were completely against the use of marijuana seemed to have changed their minds on the subject. This doesn't necessarily mean that they all became consumers, although some of them actually might have.

Therefore, this all just led me to believe that there were a couple of cultural barriers that were keeping people from opening up to such a subject: no one talked about it much, and when they did, most of the time they didn't have anything nice to say. But this was years ago, or perhaps still from an outdated news channel on TV, but there’s no denying that cannabis stopped being such a taboo subject. We see it in movies and on tv series now more frequently than ever. We see big celebrities and even presidents admitting that they use the substance as well. 

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While it may look like comedies or influencers speaking up don't really change anything much, it’s all about the subject being spoken about. Of course, a person who is never in direct contact with cannabis and who has only heard negative things about it will want nothing to do with it. For example, in countries such as Japan, where the government is known for their extreme strict measures on drug trafficking, (watch Enter The Void to see my point) people have been shy when it comes to talking about cannabis. This is in part because there are still very strict attitudes and laws around cannabis in the country.

If you want society, your family, or even a single person to open up their minds about marijuana, what you need to do is talk about it, as you would talk about anything else.

I can still remember from my personal experience with my own family. When they realized I was a frequent weed user, they first screamed at me and even called me a disappointment but that was only before I started working on the subject for years. Talking to them naturally about cannabis, just as I would tell them how my working day was, with patience, and not really being aware that I was somehow changing their thoughts on marijuana, my father once decided to try cannabis oil to treat some chronic pain he’s going through. 

Ever since he could first see the huge impact medical cannabis had on his condition, he became a promoter of the substance as well, and we even got our own autoflowering cannabis seeds and began planting our home plants, which was not an easy task to do at first, but after we learned some mistakes to avoid, we finally achieved to make the most out of our homegrown products.

Why did I come up with this? Well, this personal story can translate to everyone, misinformation is marijuana’s worst enemy, and sometimes a few minutes of talking daily can make the difference. It only takes two minutes of awakening to see that cannabis companies all around the world are popping up and growing to be big, such as Fast Buds, which was first a company in the US and then grew bigger through Spain and the rest of Europe.

To our luck, we live in an era of technology and communication, one where the people can speak louder than the authorities, sometimes, and get their voices to be heard. It’s just a matter of time and patience until marijuana finally gets its voice to be heard too and we will all be able to enjoy the vast amount of benefits it comes along with.

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