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Spotlight: Studio 54 Music ft. Gabi Sklar - Heart To The Ocean

Studio 54 Music releases their first original song.
Studio 54 Music ft. Gabi Sklar - Heart To The Ocean

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Studio 54 Music has dropped their debut originally produced song “Heart Of The Ocean” featuring Gabi Sklar & producers Greg Cohen & Kris Vanderheyden. The label launched in August with a four-track compilation reimagining disco classics with modern New York producers and vocalists. The release, Night Magic Vol. I will also be released on limited edition gold vinyl in mid-October.

The new record “Heart Of The Ocean” delivers on the Studio 54 promise with soaring strings, vocals and drums for some exuberant and joyous disco. Clubs may be closed, but you can get your own disco ball and dance on your own with this one.

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The disco imprint also plans to launch itself as a lifestyle brand with a new website, line of merchandise, and the Studio 54 Night Magic exhibition at Brooklyn Museum is reopened until mid-November after getting postponed by Covid-19.

Get your copy of “Heart Of The Ocean,” tickets to the exhibit and more on their website.

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