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Still Working From Home? Try The SmartDesk 2 Premium Standing Desk

Have you always wanted to switch to a standing desk but never got around to it, well now's the time.
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Things are sadly getting worse with the pandemic, and with that comes the serious chance that many of us will be working from home for the foreseeable future. Your future has many Zoom meetings in it, and chances are you are sitting far too much when working from home? So not only are you struggling to stay motivated with work, but you are also physically starting to feel the strain of sitting, not going to the gym, etc.

There is a solution to help ease your work from home blues, and that's the Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Standing Desk. Standing while working has helped us in many ways, including improved posture, better focus, and increased productivity. Sitting for 8-10 hours in a chair without moving much is not great; now, you can have the best of both worlds.

The new SmartDesk 2 has a better height range and is perfect for both home and office uses; you could even use it as a home studio desk. The desk functions as both a sitting desk and a standing desk to switch from sitting to standing with ease. The base features a motor that will raise the desk with a button push and provides a sturdy standing desk for when you need to change it up.

The desk features a bamboo top and is built on a steel frame complete with four programmable height settings to suit various sit-stand needs. The virtually silent dual-motor system can lift up to 300 lbs at the press of a button, so that should cover most gear you plop down on top.

Use the provided hole to drop all your cords through.

Use the provided hole to drop all your cords through.

Note: If you are setting up a small studio set up, have lots of peripherals like hard drives, etc. make sure your cords are bundled together and set up in the standing position and have just enough slack to move up/down.

The SmartDesk 2 comes in two sizes, we have the Classic, but if you have a more significant set up like a studio or two monitors, the XL might be the way to go if you have space. We opted for the natural bamboo top with a gray steel base, but you can also select a beautifully finished wood top in various colors.

Push the button and up/down you go, four settings are available for multiple users. 

Push the button and up/down you go, four settings are available for multiple users. 

Aesthetically we love this desk, it's clean looking, and there are enough color and size options to work in most spaces. This style works in more modern types of rooms and decor, but most standing desks on the market have this design type. Keeping it neat and organized is up to you.

The desk we got is currently on sale for $429 from $529 for the Classic bamboo top; it's a good time to grab one before the holiday madness sets in.

Summary: If you are looking to make the jump to a standing desk that will double as a traditional sitting desk, the Autonomous SmartDesk 2 is worth considering. It's built incredibly well, looks fantastic, and the motor is smooth and quiet. We set it up with an iMac 27", some speakers, a YETI Pro Mic, and a few hard drives, and it is perfect. If you will have a dual monitor set up, or MIDI controllers, etc., it's best to get the XL model if you have space. The ability to go from sitting to standing in seconds with the push of a button is great. If you stick to a rotating regimen, you will most likely notice the difference, especially if you exercise regularly. It's not for everyone, but we found rotating from sitting to standing did improve our efficiency, back/leg strength and helped the day go by faster; just time your hydration breaks with our sitting/standing switch, and you are GOOD!

Frame Specs:

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Solid steel frame with rounded edges, adjustable length, and a dual-motor system capable of lifting up to 300 lbs.

Motor typeDual

Lifting speed 2.3"/sec

Lifting capacity 300 lbs

Noise level 45 dB

Height range (without top) 25.4" - 51"

Length range 40" - 73"

Frame foot width 27.5"

Material SPCC steel

Colors White, Black, Grey

Outlet voltage 110-240V

Anti - collision No

Shipping Dimensions 43"L x 13"W x 10"H x 70 lbs

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