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Musicians, DJs, and the venues who host them around the globe are suffering from the inability to play out in 2020, but the music being produced by these artists is coming out fast and furious, and at a higher level than in recent memory. Well-known artists like Horse Meat Disco, Rhye, Dirty Projectors, and Chromeo are all here, but newer artists are getting their shot at the chart because of the amazing work they are producing. Some will surprise you, but none will disappoint!

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1. Mason - Drowning In Your Love feat. Jem Cooke (Mark Knight Extended Remix)

"Drowning In Your Love" came out around a year ago, so what a brilliant surprise to get the Mark Knight remix to give us another reason to dance in October! The original Mason track is very groovy in its own right and Knight adds just enough disco gloss to take the track to 11! Jem Cooke's soulful vocals are the perfect ingredient to make this love soup delicious.

2. TBM - Hot Stepping

UK producer TBM (The Big Man) has given us a funk forward track with "Hot Stepping" for label Sundries. This track has deep juicy bass lines at the forefront, bright brass tying together the middle, and soul/funk vocals pulling the whole thing together. You are going to want to hot step in your living room to this jam!

3. Ken@Work - Hang On

Who says someone who studied nuclear physics can't make great disco music? If you did, you would be wrong! Ken Walker who produces music as Ken@Work is a bit of a renaissance man. Label owner, DJ, and producer is plenty to hang your hat on, but Ken has been busy turning out classic disco tunes all of 2020. "Hang On" could have been made in 1976 or right now and makes me want to "Hang On" for more Ken@Work disco!

4. JB Edits - Cosmic Intergalactic Nebula Boogie

JB Edits aka Jerk Boy has made an incredible EP called, wait for it, EP Number Three. Don't let the name fool you, all three tracks are amazing works of disco, but "Cosmic Intergalactic Nebula Boogie" encapsulates everything there is to love about disco. It's pure escapism in 6:43. Let's take a trip to this Nebula, shall we?

5. AC Soul Symphony - Manhattan Skyline (JN Spirit Of '77 Edit)

Dave Lee (formerly Joey Negro) has been tantalizing our ears for decades and his update of the classic David Shire track "Manhattan Skyline" adds a lovely bit of disco shine to the '70s classic. The full track will keep you moving for a gigantic 11 minutes, but Dave Lee also knows where to make the right edits, which is the version we have here. The JN Spirit of '77 Edit clocks in at a solid 6 minutes, which is still 6 minutes of pure joy!

6. Database - Um Segredo

São Paulo based house music veterans Database are back on Toucan Sounds with "Um Segredo" (a secret), a tropical disco jam made for dancing. Don't forget about this one once you can have parties again because it will light the dancefloor on fire! We aren't going to keep this one a secret. Turn it up loud!

7. Dirty Projectors - Lose Your Love (Chromeo Remix)

Chromeo has taken the skeleton of Dirty Projectors "Lose Your Love" and given it a pure Chromeo funk body. The track is unrecognizable compared to the original, adding the classic P-Thugg talk box and Dave 1's signature funk. Both versions are welcome and will likely appeal to different listeners, giving the track that much more life.

8. Me & My Toothbrush - Get Your Party On

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It's been a hot minute since we've heard from Me & My Toothbrush, but they are back with a straight-up floor filler with "Get Your Party On"! Soulful vocals, a funky rap, and Funkadelic worthy bass lines combine to create a song that will keep you dancing hard enough to annoy the neighbors! Everybody, come on!

9Funkdamento - Memories Of The Future

Funkamento is on a real roll right now! "Memories Of The Future" is just one of his fantastic funk/disco tracks available right now. With nods to Chic via the bass & rhythm guitar, the song has a warm sense of familiarity. This needs to be played loud while driving in a convertible. It just sounds like sunshine, so if you are lucky enough to be somewhere where the sun is shining, try it out for the rest of us!

10Starfari - The Weekend

Another newcomer to the chart is Starfari with "The Weekend." Based in San Francisco, Starfari jam packs this track full of epic funk. The classic tale of lost weekends, this groove will get you through the Monday-Friday grind so you can get your groove on every weekend!

11. Octavia Lambertis & Sean Scanlan - Get Out Of My Own feat. Pav (Yam Who? & Jaegerossa Remix)

"Get Out Of My Own" is not only a brilliantly produced disco track on Midnight Riot Records but an excellent reminder for all of us to get out of our own way and find change in the world through love! Octavia Lambertis's powerhouse soul diva vocals alongside Sean Scanlan's musical production create magic, then Yam Who? & Jaegerossa adds their fine disco touch to the remix. What's not to love!?

12. Horse Meat Disco - I'm You Dancing feat. Annette Bowen & Fi McClusky

The Horse Meat Disco LP Love and Dancing is 10 years of hard work, sweat, and well, dancing! "I'm You Dancing" is a real highlight with soul sisters Annette Bowen and Fi McClusky featured on vocals. The track is a great reminder that no matter how bad things get, never forget to dance. It frees the soul!

13. Rhye - Black Rain

Rhye always makes sexy music, but it usually comes to us in a very dream pop form, but not "Black Rain". This track is not only a surprise release from an album that doesn't come out until January, but it's slightly grimy groove will make you want to grind your hips with or without someone. My fingers are very crossed that this is an indicator of what's to come.

14. Barbudo - Magnolia Mansion

We love newcomers to the chart, so please welcome Barbudo! "Magnolia Mansion" is a nu-disco gem that you are going to want to hear in those late nights when the lights go down. This track has the feel of a modernized take on '70s Adult Oriented Rock, ala Toto, or Pablo Cruise. The formula works and I can't wait to see where they go from here.

15. Domestic Technology - Ray of Sunshine

Igor Butckhrikidze aka Domestic Technology is bringing a little bit of joy with "Ray of Sunshine." The deep driving bass grooves, jammy synths, and plucky guitar will transport you to another place where everything and everyone is happy. We could all use a little escape from reality and this is just the ticket. Sign me up!

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