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Album Review: Krust - The Edge Of Everything

Krust is back after 14 years and sounding as good as ever.


Drum and bass pioneer Krust has released his first album in 14 years The Edge Of Everything. At nearly 80 minutes, you feel that there was a lot he had to say and does he say it. The LP blurs musical and genre lines effortlessly, bringing together drum and bass, jungle, garage, house and some industrial noise with a cinematic feel, immersing you in a visual world without ever needing to show you what it is.

The LP really gets going with “Constructive Ambiguity," a 12-minute saga of spooky jungle and house. “Negative Returns” introduces us to the album's space theme as we put on our astronaut suit and lift off into space. The skittering, low growling drum and bass and jungle takes out into the stars on our space odyssey.

“Antigravity Love” features a monologue from director Michael Williams with a matching chaotic instrumental underneath. There are even long ambient periods in “7 Known truths,” a track that ends with an attack on cultural suppression and colonialism.

That inventiveness continues throughout the album as Krust manages to keep you engaged throughout the entire project. By the end of the LP, it feels like your journey has ended, you have docked and you have reached your final destination.

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Krust helped pioneer drum and bass and jungle from the outset and 14 years after his LP Hidden Knowledge, he has emerged with a new project to show the limits of what it can be again. Blurring genres, musical expressions and the types of themes and samples that can be applied to an album, The Edge Of Everything finds those limits and bursts right through them.

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