Nashville, TN based producer Super Duper recently dropped his highly impressive new album HALLELUJAH! on the FADER label. The dynamic twenty-track album is an indie music lover's dream. From start to finish, HALLELUJAH! showcases the scope of the producer's talents. 

HALLELUJAH! drawing from the genres like electronica, pop, and hip-hop. Cinematic and celebratory, Super Duper provides a delectable listening experience that is thoroughly enjoyable from beginning to end. His complex rhythms and dexterous song structures are often characterized by their jubilant melodies and soulful vocals, resulting in a compelling album that should withstand the test of time. Along the way, Super Duper enlists the help of several collaborators, most notably Lonas, Daniella Mason, Mr Gabriel, and Bre Kennedy. 

Track highlights on HALLELUJAH! include the euphoria laden "Feel My Way" and "Die for You" along with the ultra groovy "Purple Roses" and "Do It For Myself." Super Duper's powerful production work demonstrates that he is one of the most talented up and coming producers in indie electronica. Both nostalgia laden and forward thinking, his sound plays homage to the sound of yesterday while keeping us hopeful for a brighter tomorrow. Super Duper's debut album proves that not only is he a true master of sonic production, but he also helps listeners remember the joy of this very moment, while instilling a sense of optimism and faith as we look towards the future. 

Since catapulting into the electronic music landscape in 2015, Super Duper has become known for his melodic, feel-good music. Super Duper has supported renowned and well respected artists, most notably Kasbo, Big Wild, and Petit Biscuit. Already garnering millions of streams, Super Duper scored a placement of his Bob Marley remix in the trailer for Aaron Sorkin’s The Trial of the Chicago 7 and notched a Clio award for scoring the trailer to Steve McQueen's new motion picture Widows

HALLELUJAH! is a collection of songs with joy and optimism at their center," Super Duper said in a recent press statement. "There are some introspective moments but the musical landscape was designed to keep your head up and above the clouds. I focused on pulling inspiration and emotion from my childhood with the 90s influenced sounds but reinterpreting them in a modern way. The album is a soundtrack to look forward to better times ahead and fondly remember memories of the past.”

Stream HALLELUJAH! above and get your copy here.

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