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Ambient Meditations Presents: The Top 100 Chillout Songs of All Time

Ten plus hours of bliss, our favorite chillout songs ever recorded. Hit play and drift away to the classics.
Copy of Copy of Copy of Chic Hooligan

It's probably about time that I sat down and did this list, and here it is... finally. This is a selection of tracks that I've been listening to for over twenty years, all carefully handpicked for their staying power and ability to chill people out. The chillout room used to be a mainstay at raves, festivals and even some clubs - a place for a more inward journey or mental respite from the bass. 

If you came up in the golden era of chillout, many of these tracks will be familiar and will bring back memories of Cafe Del Mar, Hotel Costes, Cafe Mambo, Buddha Bar, Cielo and all of those institutions that were the back bone of this sound. They span from the 70s to 00s and range from the pure ambient of Brian Eno to the tripped out hip hop of DJ Shadow and everything in between. 

So here it is, presented under our Ambient Meditations segment that features premieres, a Spotify Playlist and our weekly podcast featuring chillout mixes from some of the best artists in electronic and neo-classical music. 

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I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do, they are songs that I've DJ'd out, played on road trips, listened to on many an international flight and of course - watched the sunset to in Ibiza. 

If you are into chillout please follow our weekly podcast for a fresh weekly dose of fresh new music, follow the Spotify Playlist and share with your fellow chillout fans.

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