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Ambient Meditations Vol 25 - Omid 16B

For our 25th edition we are joined by progressive house legend Omid 16B to discuss his new album "SunTzu" and dive into his stellar mix of spaced out chill.
AM25 16B

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Ambient Meditations Vol 25 - Omid 16B

For episode 25, we catch up with progressive house producer 16B, aka Omid Nourizadeh, for a chat about his new album SunTzu and a brilliant chillout mix. If you remember the golden era of progressive house, back in the late 90s and early 00s, you remember those beautiful interludes and breakdowns that made the genres so memorable. 16B has never left and continues to carry the torch of that fantastic sound as well as more thoughtful ambient pieces under his own name. The mix for AM 25 takes all those "pins and needles" moments from your favorite progressive breakdowns and sculpts them into an ambient megamix that will make you feel like you are floating in outer space. Find a warm spot, preferably with a view of the night sky, and prepare to melt into the furniture.

Ambient Meditations 25 by 16B Tracklist:

16B - Hello (SunTzu) - aLOLa Records

Giorgi Tsiklauri - Ambient Psychiatrist (Omid 16B Remix) - aLOLa Records

Omid Nourizadeh - Ambient 4 (ArtIsNobody)

Omid Nourizadeh - Ambient 2 (ArtIsNobody)

Omid Nourizadeh - Ambient 3 (ArtIsNobody)

16B - Just Before We All Go (SunTzu) - aLOLa Records

AiN (16B & Alex George) - 23:35 (ArtIsNobody)

Omid 16B

Omid 16B

More about Omid 16B

SunTzu  out on aLOLa Records / ALDLD013

Robert Smith (The Cure) "Listening to it and I love it'

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Sasha (LNOE) "When the album opens it sounds like classic 16B, amazing production and I love it!"

'SunTzu' hails the fifth artist album release from electronic music pioneer Omid Nourizadeh, aka 16B, featuring 18 new tracks that exhibit a multitude of musical facets from a talent who has been innovating at the forefront of cutting edge electronic dance for more than 20 years. The album is named after the Chinese philosopher, strategist and writer, Sun Tzu - "I believe Sun Tzu was actually like a collection of people and ideas through one century and the album has a similarity with many mixed emotions, ideas, with so many different Omid's, but all under the name 16B", says Omid. Illuminated with diverse compositions that flow between pretty melodic soundscapes to the potent gritty sounds of the underground, Omid joins the dots between emotive electronica and dreamy ambient gems through to animated indie, techno, electro and deep house grooves. "The tracks all collide somehow into a full picture of what 16B is about on every angle - there's times you'll want to jump up and down as much as lay back and just listen."

"If this becomes the last album I'm ever going to make, I'd die happy knowing there's something here for everyone! I'm not into designing anything to please a certain group or style, however this for me is the closest thing to covering all the styles I've loved to make and still enjoy listening to it now as much as in my naive and younger days. There's such a fine line between the love to create new things when you're young and still loving the art in it as much when you think you've wisened up or far more experienced!" - Omid 16B

DJ, producer, songwriter, musician and label boss Omid Nourizadeh, also known as Omid 16B, has forged a unique and prolific career as one of the world's most talented and respected musicians and producers with over 20 years contributing to the scene. Growing up in London, with Persian roots, he's highly regarded as a pioneer of the tech house movement back in the early nineties, alongside Carl Craig, Craig Richards, Mr C, Steve Bug and Francois K. Omid's impressive discography includes releases on labels such as Eye Q, Hooj Choons, Stomp/EQ, Yoshitoshi, Ministry Of Sound, Deconstruction, Tsuba and Bedrock, as well as his own labels aLOLa and SexOnWax Recordings. Omid boats an impressive portfolio of music, releasing 4 albums to date including his hugely acclaimed debut 'Sounds From Another Room' (1998), 'How To Live 100 Years' (2002), the two-part 'Like 3 Ears & 1 Eye' (2007) and his long awaited brilliant album from release last year, 'Silenciety'. He has worked under many pseudonyms including $16 Million Dollar Man, Phaser, 16B, Pre 4, OTC, ORN, Sixteen Souls, Subversive Attraction, NEW5 and Omid 16B, among others. Omid's impressive collaboration and remixes credits include artists Lana Del Rey, Morel, The Cure, Gus Gus, Danny Howells, François Kevorkian, Steve Lawler through to Groove Armada, Depeche Mode, Prince, Deep Dish, and many more. Having played at some of the best festival stages around the world from Snowbombing, MTVFestival, SW4 Main Stage in London, DJmag's 20th-anniversary show at Space Ibiza, Bestival, and the Space Closing party, Omid continues to follow his individual creative path, taking his unique sounds from his London studio to the global stage.

Track Listing

1 Yellow (Album Version)

2 Hyper Colours (Album Version)

3 Risk

4 Innocentised

5 No Words

6 Cycles

7 Last Try

8 Vanished

9 Bud & Trence

10 Where Do Whales Hide?

11 Mum

12 Get Out Of Your Head

13 Just Before We All Go

14 London Boy (In Detroit)

15 As We Sit Together

16 Good Night?

17 Hello

18 The End

'SunTzu' album will be released on November 27th 2020 on aLoLa Records.

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