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Ambient Meditations Vol 26 - Emancipator

This week we have special guest Emancipator to talk about his most recent projects and to supply the perfect chillout mix for your weekend reclining.
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Ambient Meditations Vol 26 - Emancipator

If you are a chillout fan, then chances are you have bobbed your head more than a few times to the beautiful beats and vibes of Portland's Emancipator. Despite the unfortunate timing, 2020 has been a big year for Portland's favorite laidback son, with a full-length album Mountains of Memory, a remix album Mountains of Memory Remixes, and a new EP in the pipeline with 9 Theory called A Thousand Clouds. With the classic boom-bap sound, a continually evolving twist, unlikely pairings, and an ambiance that is uniquely his, Emancipator has become a chillout hall of famer. The mix for AM 26 brings in some legends like Brian Eno and Four Tet; a dabble of Neo-Classical and some of that Bap, all fused with Emancipator's secret sauce. Hit play hit repeat, hit play, hit repeat.

Emancipator - Ambient Mix 26

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More About Emancipator:

Portland-based producer ​Emancipator​​ recently announced​ the ​Mountain of Memory (Remixes)​​ ​LP via his self-founded ​Loci Records​. Featuring fresh takes on each of his acclaimed album's fourteen tracks, the full album released on ​October 09​, following two singles released in August and September. The release features prominent electronic producers such as ​Clozee, il:lo, Koresma, Maddy O'Neal, edapollo, jackLNDN, Poldoore, Arms and Sleepers​, among more.

Douglas Appling, the Portland based electronic musician known to music enthusiasts as Emancipator, takes a natural approach to his art. The classically trained violinist, and veteran of more traditional bands during his college years, grew up in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Listening to his parents' wide ranging collection of albums – Kraftwerk, Orbital, Fleetwood Mac – as well as the African sounds his mother discovered during her years in the Peace Corps, profoundly influenced his expansive approach to music making. The music on his most recent effort, ​Mountain of Memory​, continues to refine and consolidate his creative ethos. The free flowing tracks effortlessly encapsulate his entire musical history, praised by the likes of Magnetic Mag for their "​unique edge with electric and acoustic guitars, classical violin, Indian dilruba, cimbaloms, finger snaps and more.​ ​​​" Founded and curated by downtempo staple Emancipator, Loci Records is a point of convergence - the crossroads of melodic downtempo, instrumental hip hop, and electronica. Over the last 7 years, Loci has quietly become a platform for intelligent, carefully crafted, electronic music, shining a light on young artists, and helping those acts bring their visions to fruition.

A Thousand Clouds is the follow-up EP to Emancipator and 9 Theory's highly-acclaimed 2019 collaboration, Cheeba Gold. After the success of their first EP, and how fun and organic the making of it was, the two west-coast electronic music producers set out to see if they could recreate that magic once again with 4 new songs. The two spent one week together at Emancipator's studio in the Oregon woods and went from a completely blank slate to this finished new EP in just 6 days. To keep in the spirit of Cheeba Gold this new EP, A Thousand Clouds, was also intended to be only 4 songs, be made quickly without overthinking it too much, and the track order of the songs is again the same order in which they were made. The end result is another unique, magical blend of electronic, downtempo, indie, and hip-hop that lives somewhere really special outside of what either artist would ever make on their own.

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