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Bandcamp Launching New Ticketed Live Stream Service

Bandcamp Live will allow artists to do live streams directly in Bandcamp.
Bandcamp Live Streaming

Bandcamp has announced a new ticketed live streaming service, Bandcamp Live.

The service will be fully integrated into Bandcamp. This has advantages in that many users already have credit card information saved and new buyers will become followers. Music and merchandise on Bandcamp can be displayed alongside your stream in a virtual merch table. An optional chat can be used to promote music and merch. 

The ticket fees are transparent without any convenience fees at the end of the transaction. Bandcamp takes a 10% fee on the tickets. They will waive their fee until March 31, 2021.

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A slew of artists have already signed up for Bandcamp Live events, which you can see below.

Nov. 17: David Allred
Nov. 20: Chris Farren
Nov. 21: Brin
Nov. 28: Hatchie
Dec. 4: Anne Lanzilotti
Dec. 4: Madison McFerrinDec. 5: Hanna Mia Brekken
Dec. 10: Butcher Brown
Dec. 10: (Liv).eDec. 11: Bobby Oroza
Dec. 12: Frente Cumbiero
Dec. 12: Aroma
Dec. 17: Demae
Dec. 18: Dezron Douglas and Brandee Younger
Dec. 21: Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
Feb. 13: Moaning
Feb. 27: Cloud Nothings

Others like Pedro The Lion and Louis Cole have streams at a date TBD. 

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