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Dance System Releases 20-Track Collaborative Mixtape 'Where’s The Party At?' With India Jordan, A-Trak, DJ Deeon & More

The 20-track mixtape is loaded with features from Hudson Mohawke, A-Trak, Herbert, Shadow Child, Sally C, Cromby, Big Miz, Lauren Flax, DJ Deeon, Absolute and more.
Dance System

Dance System

James Connolly aka Dance System has released a massive 20-track collaborative mixtape titled Where’s The Party At? that lives up the name. 19 of the tracks are done with other artists like India Jordan, Hudson Mohawke, A-Trak, Herbert, Shadow Child, Sally C, Cromby, Big Miz, Lauren Flax, DJ Deeon, Absolute, Alex Virgo, Hugo Paris and more.

Where’s The Party At? covers a lot of ground with uplifting and funky disco-influenced records like “Retina Scan” with A-Trak or “Let’s Go” with India Jordan, the euphoric “Hands In The Air” alongside Hudson Mohawke, a heavy dose of acid on “Acid Anarchy” with Boxia or the gritty “The Originator” with DJ Deeon.

The mixtape launches a new label for Dance System, System Records. This mixtape was born out of the first lockdown and the idea to create a mixtape for a club night that we can’t have at the moment.

"Launching System Records and creating the Where’s The Party At? mixtape came at the end of a really reflective period for me during the first lockdown. I used this time to really get to the core of what I’m about musically; revisiting everything that got me excited about dance music in the first place. We're in a time when we can’t go to the club, and we can’t play out, so it's brought me back to those teenage days in my bedroom; lying in bed with my headphones on listening to Essential Mixes and tape packs; dreaming of raves, having a mix and making music on eJay,” explains Dance System.

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“Back then, I had to imagine what clubs were like and now the whole world is in the same situation; clubs are out of reach and we can only go there with our imaginations. With Where’s The Party At?, I wanted to capture that excitement and anticipation, and create a soundtrack for the perfectly wild, fun and drama-filled night with all your favorite DJ’s.”

Given the circumstances, you will know where the party is – your home or apartment. It is a shame we all can’t dance together, but dance enough on your own and we will be dancing together at some point soon.

Get your copy of the mixtape here and stream it below. Two songs are tape only exclusives on some streaming services, so the digital stream may only have 18 tracks. 

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