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Detroit Swindle Change Name To Dam Swindle

The Dutch DJs, producers and label owners are changing their name.
Detroit Swindle

Detroit Swindle

Detroit Swindle has decided to change their name to Dam Swindle. In a statement released today, the Dutch duo of Lars Dales and Maarten Smeets explained their reasoning for choosing the name in the first place and why they are changing it to Dam Swindle.

“After careful deliberation and intensive conversations with our peers we’ve decided to change our name to Dam Swindle,” they say.

The producers, DJs and label owners got their start in 2011 and chose the name as ”homage to the music from the motor city.” The continue, “It was our mutual love for Motown and Detroit hip hop that brought us together and inspired us to start making music together. We added the ‘Swindle’ to make sure people wouldn’t think we were claiming to be from Detroit.”

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“We never intended to claim ownership over something that was not ours to claim. We’ve always been open about this when people asked us about our name, and we’ve made sure this was stated clearly in our bio. Even though we have always been clear about our intentions, our name has still sparked conversations about cultural appropriation.”

Dam has to do with the city they are from – Amsterdam.

Read the full statement below and they have plenty of new music on the way.

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