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EP Review: Amon Tobin & Thys - Ithaca

Amon Tobin and Thys link up again for a cold and dark new EP 'Ithaca.'
Amon Tobin Thys Ithaca

Amon Tobin and Thys have released a new five-track EP Ithaca. Eight years in the making, the two production wizards create a very detailed, experimental ambient five-track EP.

The EP is dark and expansive. You can feel each element and texture very vividly, whether it is a vocal bit chopped, distorted and added on top, or the droning noise that is an omnipotent presence on this project. It finds a way to be both soothing like “Badlands” and frightening like the opener “Departure” with how vivid each sound is. The songs move at a glacial pace, drawing you into their cold embrace. It can be unnerving, but a must listen for dark and cold nights.

The EP was written in San Francisco and LA, but then finished and mastered at Thijs’ studio in Groningen. This whole process took eight years to do. It follows their EP released earlier this year Ghostcards.

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"Ithaca is a five track EP structured around a 20 year voyage, and 'Departure' is the first track on the EP that sets off the journey,” explains Thys. “The EP was written in multiple sessions in San Francisco and LA over a time span of eight years. It is quite dark in tone, but I think it also shows clearly that we had a lot of fun writing this material, obsessing over sounds, melodies and mixing synthetic, organic, orchestral and vocal textures (mostly our own vocals!)”

Stream the EP now and get your copy here.

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