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EP Review: Overmono - Everything U Need

Overmono deliver four new tracks to make life a little better.
Overmono Everything You Need

Cover Art with some very good boys or girls

Ed and Tom Russell aka Overmono have released their new EP Everything U Need via XL Recordings. A group that doesn’t release much music, but when they do, they make it count, this four-track follows that tradition of quality over quantity.

The EP can be split into two distinctive parts down the middle. The first two are softer and more soothing, before things pick up for the final two songs. It opens with the EP title track, first performed at Printworks in March just before live gigs were shut down as the pandemic’s deadly grasp was taking hold. “Everything U Need” delivers on soothing synth plucks that build with more percussion added as the track develops.

“Aero” continues down the same path as the title track with swirling atmospheres and a fluttering synth line that carries the track from start to finish.

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They then turn up the energy and tempo with breaks and skittering drums underneath warbling melodies on “Clipper – Another 5 Years.” Some of this same energy progresses into the finale “Verbosa” with light, ricocheting drums tapping along the bottom of the track into a blend of 90’s nostalgia and modern house music.

Get your copy of the EP here and stream it wherever you do that.

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