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Swedish Duo Gidge Release Peaceful & Soothing New Album 'New Light'

Gidge release an album to calm your nerves and provide some tranquility to your life.
Gidge New Light

New Light Cover Art

Swedish electronic duo Ludvig Stolterman and Jonathan Nilsson, better known as Gidge, have released their new album New Light.

To find inspiration for the album, the pair travelled to the Pacific Northwest to soak up the region’s great forests, oceans and mountains for an album that feels as serene as the nature around them. The nine-track LP reflects that ambient, shimmering feeling with the occasional vocal for an additional texture. At an hour long and only nine songs, each track is designed to really draw you into its warm, welcoming embrace. This is especially felt on the 10-minute “Perimeter” that sits right in the middle as the gentle peak in this album with its slow chugging bass, flickering synths and soft percussion.

The album is out now anywhere you stream or buy music, but it may be best consumed through a long video they released at the end of last week. Each song gets its own view in nature, whether it is a sunny look up at the sky through trees, a foggy forest, a flowing river, red clouds and elsewhere. Feel the peace wash over you. 

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