Get 30% off from November 27th - 29th!

Get 30% off from November 27th - 29th!

We have been fans of AiAiAi for a long time, from the TMA-1 to the insanely innovative modular approach of the TMA-2. This 

The TMA-2 headphones are developed with professionals - put to the test on stages all over the world.

It's modular and designed to last, so you can customize your product, grow with your product, and in the end we create less waste for our planet.

This Black Friday weekend AiAiAi is doing 30% off everything site wide - click the link below to start shopping. Sale goes from November 27-29; use code FREEITEM to get a free soft carry case with any headphone purchase.

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More about AiAiAi 

AIAIAI is an audio design company, founded in 2006, dedicated to developing premium audio products for music makers.

AIAIAI boasts a world-renowned network of professional music makers, industrial designers, audio technicians as part of its unique and highly collaborative development process. Driven by a sustainable design philosophy, and informed by a heritage of Scandinavian design, AIAIAI incorporates precise engineering and product design far beyond trend-driven aesthetics.

TMA-2 is the world’s most extensive modular headphone system, enhanced and refined over the last 10 years. Modularity is the ability to upgrade headphones as technology evolves, extending the longevity of every product and creating less waste for the planet. The quick and easy changes to individual parts allow for more than 1,000 possible headphone configurations, empowering users to create truly individualized headphones that fit lifestyle preferences, music taste and other use case requirements. The foundational belief of AIAIAI is that life is rarely static; therefore, headphones should be able to adapt whether a listener is at home, in the office or on the go—over time. Music professionals can also tailor the system to any creative context, from studio production and audio editing, to DJing or listening on the go.

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