Holiday Shopping Spotlight: Meet The LUMI Keys Studio Edition MIDI Keyboard

The LUMI Keys Studio Edition MIDI Keyboard brings a plethora of functionality to your studio and live performance
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Meet the LUMI Keys Studio Edition MIDI keyboard, perfect for both studio applications and live performance. If you are someone that is looking to push your productions and performances further with MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression), The LUMI studio keyboard is well worth your time. 

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Light up your sound with the world’s first keyboard controller offering per-key pitchbend and polyphonic aftertouch, plus whole-key illumination that sparks new ideas for playing and composing. Available in the LUMI Keys Studio Edition Bundle.

Launch bundle includes: LUMI Snapcase, ROLI Studio software suite, $50 voucher for ROLI.com, 3 additional ROLI Studio Soundpacks 

Perks of your purchase: Free cancellation, 30-day returns, Free shipping (exclusions apply) and Lifetime support

Amazingly bright, colorful keys - The brightest keyboard ever made, LUMI glows with color. Fresnel lens-inspired whole-key illumination helps you learn music through seeing as much as hearing.

Lightweight, portable design- Play wherever you go. Compact, lightweight and wireless, LUMI Keys travels wherever you want to make music. Add a Snapcase to protect LUMI when you're out and about.

Better sized keys for the average hand - Each key is uniquely sized at ⅞ the width of standard piano keys, so LUMI better fits the average human hand. You’ll comfortably master techniques, and still be able to translate skills to a traditional keyboard.

Modular and easily expandable - Want to double the size of your LUMI? Just connect another keyboard. With magnetic DNA Connectors on three sides, LUMI expands with a snap and a click.

Watch the new pitchbend feature in action in this jaw-dropping LUMI Keys and ROLI BLOCKS performance by PARISI:

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Explore 100s of sounds in ROLI Studio - Crafted by ROLI sound designers, 100s of MPE and standard MIDI sounds are yours to explore in the ROLI Studio suite of plugins, where you'll also find an array of production features custom-made for an illluminated MPE keyboard.

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Customize your keyboard - Customize LUMI Keys to fit your project and your style, through custom modes in ROLI Dashboard. Featuring - Piano Mode, Pro Mode, Stage Mode and User Mode. The keyboard looks and plays like a piano, with glowingly white keys

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Two, three, or four LUMIs become one

Expand LUMI Keys instantly. Magnetic DNA connectors, pioneered for BLOCKS, let you snap two, three, or four keyboards together to create a 48, 72, or even 96-key playing surface. 

• Edge-to-edge design for seamless transition between multiple LUMIs

• DNA connectors for magnetically connecting and charging multiple LUMIs

• Deep multi-LUMI integration across hardware, software, and firmware

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Take BLOCKS to the next level - Modular and connectable, LUMI Keys is part of the BLOCKS family. Snap it together with Lightpad Block to create a high-powered setup. Play on LUMI Keys and control parameters on the Lightpad Block, all through their custom integration with ROLI Studio.

A compact keyboard that works anywhere - LUMI Keys’ compact size make it supremely versatile, whether you put it on a crowded studio work surface or throw it in a backpack. DS5.5 keys are ⅞ the width of standard keys, making LUMI Keys bigger than a mini-keyboard but more compact than standard-sized controllers. At 677g it weighs about the same as an iPad Pro.

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Light it up on stage, or on screen - Beyond its production features, LUMI Keys simply looks amazing. Add some eye-catching, head-turning, jaw-dropping color to your next stage performance. Or — since stage performances aren’t such a thing these days — light up a bedroom-studio film with a keyboard viewers won’t forget.

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LUMI Snapcase - The LUMI Snapcase protects your keyboard when you're on the go, and snaps back to create a stand for devices.

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Compatible with third-party synths and DAWs - Control your favorite software in a brilliant new way. LUMI Keys is fully compatible with all DAWs and plugins including Ableton Live, Logic Pro, FL Studio, Omnisphere, and many more.

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