Junkie XL Selling Hundreds Of Synths, Samplers, Pedals, Guitars, Drums & More On Reverb

The Dutch composer, producer and engineer is selling off hundreds of pieces of gear from his collection next month.
Tom Holkenborg Junkie XL

Junkie XL

Dutch composer, producer and engineer, Junkie XL is selling off a huge portion of his studio gear collection on Reverb.com. He is putting up more than 200 synths, samplers, and other electronic instruments, nearly 100 pedals, 30-plus microphones, dozens of guitars, drums, and more for on Reverb 

Thomas Holkenborg aka Junkie XL is known for his own production work, plus scoring movies like Deadpool, Tomb Raider, Alita: Battle Angel, Terminator: Dark Fate, Mad Max: Fury Road, Divergent and many others. Many pieces in this auction have been used to create the scores for these films.

One of the pieces, the ARP 2600 clone (with a sequencer) that was used on much of the Deadpool soundtrack will be sold wth proceeds going to Pediatric Cancer Foundation, a cause close to him and his family.

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"I’ve always been a bit of a gearhead, as many of you know,” says Holkenborg in a statement. “Throughout my career I’ve amassed an amazing collection of instruments that I love and have cherished, but I simply can’t use them all anymore! I’ve made some amazing music with these items, they are instruments that deserve to be played, rather than used a couple of times a year. I want to get this gear in the hands of creators who can use it every day."

The sale will begin starting December 9. Get more information on the Reverb website.

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