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Krust Announces 'Edge Of Everything' Remixes, Shares Four Tet Remix Of "Negative Returns"

Get ready for two batches of remixes over the next two weeks.


Krust has unveiled the remix package for his album of the year contender Edge Of Everything. It will feature Four Tet, Damian Lazarus, Batu, Calibre, LCY and Flynn spaced out across two EPs in the next two weeks. Four Tet released the first taste yesterday where he expands his production work into a subtle and smooth blend of drum and bass and 90’s IDM with a remix for "Negative Returns."

The remix still has a very Four Tet sound with soft chimes fluttering over subtle sub bass and rolling drums for one of the more peaceful drum and bass remixes you will hear.

“This is the first D&B track I’ve ever made! It felt good to do something out of my comfort zone,” says Four Tet in a statement.

This remix package comes in addition to remixes from Masters At Work and KenLou. The remixes will be released over the next two Fridays, December 4 and 11 with three in each. See the tracklist below for which ones will be available which day.

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December 4

1. “Negative Returns” - Four Tet Remix
2. “Keter the Heavenly” - Damian Lazarus Re-shape
3. “Space Oddity”- Batu Remix

December 11

1. “It’s A Lot” - Calibre Remix
2. “Only God Can Tell” - LCY Remix
3. “Known Truths” - Flynn Remix

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