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Meet The Wet Suit Combo Pack From Cor Surf

Everything you need to get changed, get dry, keep the sand out of your vehicle, and hang your wetsuit!
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If you are a surfer, a sponger, a snorkeler, a body surfer, a stand-up paddleboarder, or any kind of water sports enthusiast, you are about to be STOKED. Cor Surf has put together a box of essentials to make your next session feel like a first-class plane seat.

The Wetsuit Combo Kit features a changing mat, changing poncho/towel, and a wetsuit hanger. One of the big issues with water sports like SUPing is keeping things tidy and organized. These are items that, honestly, we didn't know we needed until we got them.

MSRP - $79.99 USD 

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THE COR SURF MICROFIBER CHANGING TOWEL PONCHO is your new best friend and perfect for changing and drying off anywhere! Now you can suit up with ease, stay warm and dry off with this hybrid poncho/towel—no more worrying about dropping your towel or overexposure to the local natives. Shocking, no one thought of this sooner!

THE NEW COR SURF FOLDING WETSUIT HANGER helps keep your wetsuit hanging correctly and drying off faster. The extra-wide, vented hanger works lightyears better than traditional hangers and helps keep the shape and integrity of your suit intact. So instead of wadding up your suit into a ball of mildew bait, fold down the hanger, insert through the neck and expand - done. Finally, an excellent hanger for your wetsuit that will also extend its lifespan!

WETSUIT CHANGING MAT- This is so simple but so essential. This mat not only works to protect your wetsuit and feet from rough ground, but it also folds up to bag up your suit, dirt, and water. Say goodbye to nasty trunks or truck beds filled with sand, mud, water, and grime. This waterproof bag has got you covered; just don't forget to take out your suit and put it on the hanger - or your next session might not smell so nice.

Usually $100 when bought separately, also check out their line of bags, racks, and accessories for your next aquatic adventure. 

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