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Nathan Micay Details Soundtrack For New HBO & BBC Series 'Industry'

The soundtrack for 'Industry' will be release digitally on LuckyMe in December.
Nathan Micay

Nathan Micay

HBO & BBC’s new TV show about the pressure, sex, competition and lifestyle of working in high-level London finance, Industry, premiered earlier this month. The soundtrack has turned some heads already and now more details have been revealed about it. UK producer Nathan Micay has produced, composed and written the soundtrack, which will be released next month on LuckyMe.

Nathan Micay is known for his bold, bright and engaging dance productions, like his 2019 LP Blue Spring, but this soundtrack takes a bit of a different turn.

“My catalogue is best known for dance records, but since 2016 I’ve enjoyed quietly extending into score work for friends shorts and a feature. My goal in music has always been to reach for a cinematic quality. Circumstances aligned nicely then, when the title track to Blue Spring showed up on the radar of the INDUSTRY show runners, who cut a screen test to the track,” explains Micay in a statement.

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“The timing of everything coincided with a year of cancelled touring and forced attention to working on this score – which is something I’ve greatly enjoyed. It’s been one of the greatest honors to have the confidence of HBO and production company Badwolf behind me, while I chart a road less travelled, in this modern series.”

The soundtrack will be released digitally next month on December 4. It will be available in all formats April 30, 2021. Listen to the title sequence now.


1. Industry (4:12)
2. Birth Of A World Killer (2:45)
3. Winnings (3:05)
4. He Still Has The Key (2:22)
5. Country Club Henries (6:48)
6. Cutting A Line At The Tailor (2:24)
7. Don't Speak To The Press (For My Love) (4:03)
8. Harper's Morning Pitch (2:24)
9. To Me, You're Worthless (4:03)
10. You're Far Too Young (2:27)
11. Funnily Enough I Remember (3:15)
12. I Need The Structure (2:33)
13. Grad Walk (2:15)
14. End Credits (Let's Go Make Some Money) (1:40)

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