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Premiere: One Child Policy - Absence (缺席)

The LA-based producer, DJ, and sound designer One Child Policy will release a new EP tomorrow.
One Child Policy

One Child Policy

One Child Policy is the solo moniker of 曹偌伟 / Dennis Ruowei Cao, a Los Angeles–based producer, DJ, and sound designer. Raised by two electrical engineers, his fascination with electronic music and the creation of it was sparked at a young age. His debut EP Cultural Transmissions helped put him on the map, blending techno, atmospheric ambient, house and acid. In 2020, he is entering a new chapter in his career, launching his label Dian Nao (电脑, “electronic brain”) with a new two-track EP It Mirrored Me (它反映了我) and we are happy to premiere the second song from it today, "Absence (缺席)."

"Absence (缺席)" fits the bill of the modern warehouse -- breakbeats, with swirling melodies fluttering, combining and flowing apart like a school of fish evading a large predator. It is psychedelic, upbeat and at the same time calming. For a time when we are alone, it can find that middle ground of either inspiring a solo dance or some headphone listening. 

The track takes its inspiration from the 90's as one might expect.

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"At the time I was listening to a lot of '90s Metalheadz jungle, liquid ambient D’n'B and breakbeat techno, so the sonic inspiration of 'Absence (缺席)' is kind of a combination of all those," explains One Child Policy. 

"I experimented with sending breaks through various FX chains (Sherman Filterbank 2, Ensoniq DP4, Eventide H9, VSTs) until I got what I was looking for. As with most of my tracks I use two computers (one to generate sounds, one to arrange) and various other hardware devices. I finished the track a while back, but was just waiting for the right time to put it out. I'm happy that it gets to be part of the first release on my newly established label, Dian Nao."

One Child Policy has launched a Kickstarter to help release the EP on vinyl. It has reached its goal, but check it out here. The vinyl comes with a bonus track “Only Me.”

The track and EP will be released tomorrow, November 27. Until then, stream "Absence (缺席)" below.

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